5 signs we aint stupid…….

by CTalentTv on August 15, 2011

The following are 9 ways that black people, even from the lowest of conditions, show and prove an intelligence you won’t find anywhere else. 1.  The numbers racket – Over 70 years ago, in Harlem, Blacks developed an intricate lottery system known as “policy” or “the numbers.”  Not only were runners responsible for memorizing the bets placed and who placed them (as written records would incriminate many), the people in charge were responsible for orchestrating a lottery system so large that it made millions of dollars from bets that were often as little as five cents.

2.  Pimping – ultimately, the most successful pimp is the best psychologist. Do you know how cold hearted and calculating a man has to be to be successful at this game? You have to think at least 3 steps ahead of everyone you have working for you, and understand exactly how to get the desired results from those people.  Any real pimp could have just as easily made it rich as a preacher, motivational speaker, of life coach.

3. Cooking crack – Chef Jeff Henderson was able to take the cooking skills he first learned making crack on motel stoves and eventually become one of the most respected head chefs in the country.  Like him, there are young men across this nation who have never taken a chemistry class, but understand the chemical reactions that transform cocaine hydrochloride into a smokeable bicarbonate.  They may have failed HS math, but they can work a triple beam, convert grams to ounces, and calculate profits from re-up while factoring in for potential losses.

4. Custom cars – ride through any hood in America and you’ll see cars like you’ll never see in a white community. If you’ve ever watched pimp my ride or any car customization show, you know most of their inspiration comes from things black people have been doing with their cars since pimps were hanging chandeliers in their Cadillac’s in the 1970s.

5. Producing music – There’s another kind of intelligence needed here also.  I can write 18 books on 15 topics in 40 minutes, but I can’t play a decent drumbeat to save my life.  On the other hand, I know people who can’t pass their GED who can crank out a beat that takes up 40 tracks and uses 18 samples in 15 minutes.  Of course public schools don’t care about that thought. Smh!

By: Supreme

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