Gov. Malloy…..What the HELL are you thinking!!!

by CTalentTv on July 22, 2011

Sooooooo, its been 7 months and nothing in the state of Connecticut has been legit since Gov. Dan Malloy has entered office. Since he’s been elected, it has been been nothing but continuous HELL! Yes, I said it…..HELL! First there was this big controversy about a wide range of state employees being laid off due to budget deficits, and then it was held off due to other issues needing proper attention. Now, its back again and he’s shooting for 5,000 layoffs in various state departments. I mean you have to figure that the budget was already screwed when Gov. Jody Rell was in office, better yet we can go way back to the Rowland Era. Come on CT, what’s really good with our economy? What seems to be the real issue here?

What really needs to be address is that, Gov. Mallory has signed a bill into LAW a few weeks ago, stating that, “He’s allowing gun rights to be restored to those whom still contain mental health issues.” Really, Gov. Mallory!?! That’s what we do in the state of CT? We re-issue those who contain unstable mental issues the right to withhold a firearm? What is this man thinking? It’s really not logic @ this point.

By: Gregory B. Hladky of the “Hartford Advocate”.

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