An O-Line’s NIGHTMARE: Chris Baker of Windsor High School talk about his transition to the NFL (Currently plays for Redskins)

by CTalentTv on September 14, 2011

Only playing his Junior & Senior year of HS football, Chris Baker managed to earn a scholarship to Penn St. where he displayed great ability which lead him to the field early. Due to some off the field issues, he transferred to Hampton Univ. where his dominance continued helping the 6’2 330 defensive tackle move right along to the NFL. Interview inside.

Mr. Baker, how’s life treating you these days in sunny Miami? Life is great I’m blessed to be in such a great state.  I can’t complain when I wake up to palm trees and 90 degree weather.

Okay, let’s get right into it; was High School football even a challenge being a guy of your size? Not really I only played football my jr and sr year.  As soon as I stepped on the field I knew I could be a dominate player. I was strong and fast.

Was there a High School team in CT that you always wanted to play, but never got a chance to? No, I played against the best talent CT had to offer CCC-West was a pretty strong conference with a lot of talent.

What was the feeling when Penn. St offered you a scholarship? It was exciting I couldn’t believe it at first.  I grew up watching PSU and Joe Pa on TV so when they gave me an opportunity to come there and play, I couldn’t pass on it.

Freshman year, first day of camp at Penn St., looking back, how do you think you performed? It was one of the worst days of my life. I was always use to being the biggest, fastest, and strongest player on the field.  At PSU everybody was just as fast and a little bigger and stronger.

Out of all the O-Line fronts you’ve played against in College, who by far, had the toughest group of lineman? I would have to say Ohio State.  They were pretty big and played well together.

I know almost every sports team in college have locker room debates on which State and High School has the most talent. So tell the people of CT, do you think you helped CT reputation by your level of play at Penn. St? I hope I did I had a pretty good college career. I’m working hard now so I can be one of the best nose tackles in the NFL.

Honestly, did you notice any change in the way people viewed you after the incident that resulted in your dismissal from the Univ. of Penn St.? Everyone will have their opinion on you.  You just have to remain strong and keep your spirits up.  I know the kind of person I ‘am so that’s all that mattered.

On the flip side of this, did you notice any NEW FRIENDS/FAMILY once they heard you were playing in the NFL?
Of course you always get a lot more people who want to be your friend when you’re successful.  But you just have to be smart about the people who you call your friends and just keep your circle tight.

Now that you signed with the Miami Dolphins, how does it feel playing alongside another guy from CT in Kory Sheets? Bloomfield Warhawk and Windsor Warrior on the same team. It feels good to see someone you knew since high school accomplishes their dreams.  Me and Kory have been playing against each other in high school and college It’s a nice feeling to be on the same team and rep for CT.

In your opinion who was the best CT High School football player you’ve played with or against? There were a lot of great players that I played against but the one player that stood out was Asaph schwapp.  He was Gatorade state player of the yr he always brought his A game.  But of course when he played us we had to shut him down but it was fun.

Name your Top 5 CT football players:

Terrance Knighton

John Manning

Asaph Schwapp

Stacey Asberry

Jason Ryans

On behalf of CTalent sports we appreciate your time and effort. We’ll be supporting you as you enter your season with a new team in the Miami Dolphins. Any words of advice you would like to leave the young readers who aspire to be in your shoes someday? Keep God 1st in whatever you do and he will guide to the place you should be.  Nothing will be given to you so be prepared to work hard to accomplish your dreams.  Whenever someone says you can’t use it as motivation to prove them wrong ad be great.

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