Matt Lawrence embodies the right ingredients for a NFL Running Back. The veteran NFL player comes from a tradition of #Winning at Bloomfield HS

by CTalentTv on October 13, 2011

Mr. Lawrence how has life been AFTER your dominance at Bloomfield High School? Life has been great! Went on to graduate from the University of Massachusetts and now this will be my 4th year with the Baltimore Ravens.Now-a-days, Bloomfield High School isn’t feared the way they were when you played there. How do you feel about your school “falling off”? Nowadays people have no clue how Bloomfield had a 60 game winning streak and dominated everything in its path. Every program has its ups and its downs. Bloomfield will be back to the top.

In HS, you guys were recognized for consistently scoring averaging over 50 points on opponents, but it has been said that you guys worked harder than some collegiate programs and even NFL teams. Is this true based on your experiences? Honestly, I can tell you that the reason we were so dominate was because of our work ethic. We would have Camp at military bases where we would train around the clock it seemed. As far as training harder than college teams, I’d have to say yes we did. But, definitely not harder than in the NFL. There are guys who dream about coming to the NFL their whole lives and when they get to camp they quit and go home because of how hard it is!

Give the readers and example of how hard you had to work during a HS strength and conditioning day? An average Strength and conditioning day would consist of about 1 and half hours of lifting, and we would go right outside after and either run 200′s, 110′s, or gassers. After all of that we would go to our passing league game and of course the other teams were fresh, but we would still perform at a very high level.

During your HS playing days, was there a particular game that you felt UNSTOPPABLE? The game I felt the most unstoppable would have to be the State Championship game in ’01 vs. an undefeated North Branford team. I ran for 275 yards in 18 carries and 4 TD’s. My O-line was absolutely dominate that day. I don’t know what got into them

Name your top 5 or 10 players from CT? Honestly I wouldn’t know where to start…Sometimes you have great high school player who never pans out in the league.

But my top 5 would be:

Steve Young (Greenwich)

Dwight Freeney (Bloomfield)

Floyd Little (Hillhouse) Hall of Famer

Andy Robustelli (Stamford) HOF

Bill Romanowski (Vernon)

It’s obvious that CT isn’t really known as a major football state, but if you had the ability to change that, how would you go about changing our reputation? Connecticut is definitely not known at all for our football. I try to make it a point of telling people about how many great players have come out of Connecticut and are still in Connecticut. In my career I have built relationships with numerous coaches. This coming summer I plan on holding a football camp where I will have coaches from Divisions 1, 2 and 3 there to rate players and see the talent. This will give players the opportunity to expose their talents to coaches from all over the country. Hopefully this can help in getting the word out about the talent in Connecticut.

Playing for the Baltimore Ravens, how does it feel to be faced with the task of blocking Ray Lewis during practice? Ray Lewis is a future hall of famer and knows and studies the game. I have the task of blocking such a man every single day. When I face other linebackers the task becomes easier. So, although it can be tricky sometimes to block him, in the end it pays off on game day.

If there was one thing that players or coaching staff would say about you, what do you think it would be? I think they would say I am a hard worker and a student of the game. I pride myself in understanding defenses and offenses.

In your opinion, are there guys in the NFL who should easily be replaced with guys who never got a chance to display their ability for whatever reasons (grades, personal issues, etc)? No, there is no guy that is easily replaceable in the NFL. Every guy in the NFL has worked very hard to get here and is very talented. It is never easy to take a spot. However, there are some very talented athletes that will never get the opportunity to go to the college which will cause them to not have the chance to be seen by NFL scouts because of grades, off field issues, ect. Everyone knows a few people who were “lights out” in high school but grades are usually the culprit for why they do not go on. Young kids have to pay attention to their academics.

Most memorable NFL moment (game, training camp, or just an experience)? My most memorable NFL moment would have to be the day they made final cuts before the 2009 season and I made the team. The best of the best try out but only 53 people make the roster every year. The majority of those 53 men come back to camp the next year but there are also 37 other people that come to try out too. This includes draft picks, undrafted free agents and other veterans. Making it so you have to compete and prove yourself every single day.

Have you ever thought about pursuing a coaching career after your playing days are done? I have thought about it but I am undecided. We will see where the good Lord takes me after my career is over.

Well Mr. Lawrence its been great, we look forward to watching you play on Sundays. Hopefully we get to see those long TD runs you used to do at Bloomfield High School. Any words of advice for the youths in CT who aspire to be where you are someday? I would say you have to have control of your grades. It doesn’t matter how good you are on the football field. In order to move on to college and then the NFL you have to have good grades. I would also say that you have to make the best decisions for yourself. You have to do what is best for you and not your friends. If you follow your friends it might not get you to where you are trying to go. Be your own person and achieve your own dreams. The chances of making the NFL are very slim so you have to make sure you do everything right to get there. If you don’t the next man will.

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  • The relevant point says:

    You 4got Eugene Robinson, Hartford, CT

  • Raginal Martin says:

    I have followed this guy since his early days of playing midget in Bloomfield and then playing at Bloomfield High. Wow, what a talent! He was also a great track and field talent. He went on to play at UConn, where he made the only rushing touchdown at the Bowl game that year. Did a great job at UMass also. Glad to hear he went on to play in the NFL. I hope he continues to work hard and gets a chance to play once he is over with his injuries. He was known as one of the hardest working guys on the team. Best of Luck to you and may God continue to bless you Mr. Matt Lawrence.

  • Tanya says:

    I have to say I am very proud of my cousin he has set the foundation for our family and friends as well. He is a very smart young man and role model. I remember when he was little and how his father video every game he played from footall, baseball and etc. He would excel in everything. Matt is a determine person there nothing fake about him he is all real. I am not just saying this because he my cousin he the God honest truth. I admire my Uncle and Aunt for rasiing him up the right way and d that is first being a family and being involved with there child. People don’t realize that being in your child life mean a lot. I am proud to say Matt Lawrence is role model to the Lawrence Famiily, and Martin Family . We love you Matt and contiune to keep the faith. HIS is a Godly man for sure. Good Job Uncle Merl and AUntie Reneah. Also his beautiful wife who has been with him through thick and thin.(JEn).

  • Tasha Lawrence Rivera says:

    If there was one word to describe Matt, it would be impossible because so many words describe what he embodies. He is a man of honor, integrity, truth, faithful, determined, and a man of God. Matt grew up surrounded by love, faith, family and truth. He is a role model to all young men. My cousin has made our family proud not only because of his success, but simply by his character and drive to educate others in their own success. Every time you see Matt, you are educated in some way either by strengthening your mind or body, how to stay on the path of life, and of course keeping your finance in order. He is a true blessing to our family. Great job to my Aunt and Uncle for their contribution to our Family. I wish Matt and his lovely wife Jen much happiness and success.

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