When it comes to BALLLLINNNNN, look no other than CT’s BIG 3 to hold it down!!!

by CTalentTv on September 8, 2011

State supremacy in sports is something that fluctuates from era to era. Basketball supremacy has been passed back and forth from New Haven to Waterbury; and from Hartford to Bridgeport to New London. Basically the state titles will bounce around from these general areas year in and year out. Players such as Charles “Beast” Easterling and Tyrone “Hugo” Gardner (Hartford) are pitted against Mike Moore and Keith Cochran (New Haven) and then crossed referenced against Rob Saunders and Kris Dunn (New London) in barbershop conversations throughout the state.But as of late, Hartford has been on the downside of Connecticut’s talent pool. Bridgeport, Waterbury and New Haven have had a stranglehold on CT’s AAU circuit, which directly affected the high school rankings as well.

But there is something brewing within the grassroots age bracket. CBC is home to a trio of 6th graders (Class of 2017) that are all among the best in the country in that class. They were ranked in the Top 10 teams for 6th Graders on several different websites throughout the year and finished 13th at the Division 1 National Championships in Hampton, Virginia last month.

Jaecee “Mayweather” Martin is widely regarded as the top point guard in the Class of 2017 and is easily the best player in Connecticut his age. Mike Melton of BasketballSpotlight.com (a website dedicated to showcasing grassroots level AAU) gave Martin the nickname of “Mayweather” because he says Jaecee is “pound for pound” the best point guard in the country! “I love playing for CBC because I get to watch and learn from the older players like Kris Dunn, Kahlil Dukes and Levy Gillespie. I watch the way they play and the way they practice to see what I have to do to get better!”

Jaecee’s older brother Chaylyn Martin is the “Scottie Pippen” type player. He is a great wing defender, and a scoring slasher with an uncanny ability to finish around the rim. BasketballSpotlight.com said Chaylyn is one of the most improved players in the country. When asked how he improved so much from last year, Chaylyn said, “I just started to take it seriously and dedicated my extra time to getting better.”

Ismail Charles has established himself as one of the premiere “Big Men” in his class. He too, has improved by leaps and bounds from a year ago. He attributes his boosted ability and interest to the friendship he has developed with Andre Drummond. As everyone should know Drummond is one of the top players in the country (#2 on ESPN.com) and the premiere player for the last few years for Connecticut Basketball Club. “Once Andre told me that I was better than he was in the 6th grade, it gave me a different level of confidence!” Charles said.

These three players have the ability and the support to maintain the high level of play they currently exhibit. They all live within a few blocks of each other in Hartford, and they are dedicated to keeping each other on task.“I don’t like playing without my brothers…Jaecee has spoiled me. I kinda expect other players to be able to get me the ball as easily as he does” said Charles. I asked the trio if they liked being regarded as CT’s Big 3, and Jaecee said, “I like it! And we’re only gonna get bigger!”

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