Barber Shop Talk: Mayweather/Ortiz Recap

by CTalentTv on September 26, 2011

This has been the hot topic on the blogs, sports shows. Radio shows, etc since it went down last week. The million dollar question is…WAS MAYWEATHER’S KNOCKOUT LEGIT? For avid boxing fans (like myself), you know that once a point is taken away, and the referee sends you to a neutral corner, immediately following that…action resumes. And you also know that the last instruction from the referee in the beginning of the fight is…PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES!

With that being said, it is clear that Mayweather was well within the parameters to throw and land punches at Victor Ortiz once he came out of his corner. But was it ethical? Probably not, but that’s debatable.

Some would argue that boxing itself is not ethical, so how can you expect its participants to behave ethically? It is a brutal sport in which the timid or weak at heart cannot survive. So to expect these warriors to behave as gentlemen may be asking too much…right?

These are the facts: Ortiz headbutted Mayweather on more than one occasion during the 4 round fight, and at least one of them (the last one) was definitely deliberate. It appeared as if frustration led to Ortiz launching his head into the mouth of Mayweather. The referee was correct in his decision to take away a point from Ortiz and also to put the fighters in neutral corners. After that, things got crazy! All fighters are informed that on all fight stoppages, they are not to resume until the ref A) brings them together B) signals the action to resume by holding his hand between then, dropping his hand and yelling FIGHT. Cortez (referee) did signal the fighters out of the corners, but was immediately distracted by someone ringside. Ortiz then tried to make amends for the third or fourth time by hugging Mayweather. Floyd then noticed Ortiz was defenseless and that Cortez was distracted and threw not one, but two punches to the face of Ortiz which subsequently knocked him out.

In my opinion, Mayweather was easily winning the fight. He landed three times the amount of punches Ortiz did, and had the young fighter very frustrated that he couldn’t land any power punches. If the fight had continued, Mayweather continues to slowly batter Ortiz’s face round after round to win by unanimous decision…or he knocks Ortiz out the minute the young lion makes a mistake. There was no reason for him to capitalize off the over zealous apology attempts of Ortiz or the careless mistake of Cortez…he didn’t need that kind of victory. I’m not saying Mayweather is a dirty fighter. As a matter of fact, up to this point, he has been a consummate professional. He is a hard worker who deserves every accolade he has received through excellence and unbelievable work ethic. All the more reason why this doesn’t make sense.

Floyd Mayweather has been dodging the fight with Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao has been the best fighter in boxing the last 5 years and Mayweather has been in and out of retirement. But his lust for being the greatest has him restless and unable to walk away with so many fans wondering if he can beat PacMan. He wants Pacquiao to take an Olympic style drug test because he suspects that’s the only way he was able to go up 4 weight classes and increase his knockout ratio year to year. I would have no problem with that if Floyd was requiring everyone he fights to do the same. But it seems like he is fishing for a reason NOT to fight Pacquiao. Even the fact that immediately after the fight he told Larry Merchant he would rematch Ortiz seemed like it was an attempt to divert attention away from the elephant in the room.

Floyd taking advantage of the mistakes of the other two men in the ring with him on September 17th only added fuel to the fire of the haters who hate him and the supporters who still question him. Mayweather only strengthened the argument of those who think he is a paper champion who has carefully picked his fights in order to secure his legacy. Now the only way to shut them up…is to fight Manny Pacquiao.

Story By: Reggie Hatchett
“Watch the whole video and listen to the announcers”

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