CTalent.Tv Presents: Orphan’s Cry (Poetic Bars) – VersatilePoetiq

by CTalentTv on October 5, 2011

Orphan’s Cry

White leather in a Black hearse no family inside made it worse/ cedar wood coffin new home for a orphan/ lil girl 9 years old with a jerry curl/ she liked the ice cream with that chocolate swirl/ Her favorite cookies twistin Oreos/long glass of milk 3 days earlier where the story goes/ she sat in her room reading Catcher in the Rye/hiding behind the punches she would catch in the eye/ she smelled an aroma not knowing in minutes it would all be ova/ sounds from the kitchen chairs crashin screamed daddy was hittin/ mommy’s sobs nailed to the walls/ she took blows the size of a semi truck as she started to fall/ her life line splattered all over the stove/ she was tucked in the fetal position cuz his violence wasn’t missin/ so the lil girl rose to her life changing moment/ ran to daddy’s office and grabbed the 8mm that would end all the torment/ stumbled down the stairs gun shakin in her hand from all those years/ She Reached the door of the kitchen/tears dripped to the tip of her nose/ she stared at the barrel where the bullet goes/grabbed the safety to her childhood/cocked it back to the fact she was tired of all the smacks/cuz Daddy would drink too many cognacs/ he now had his knees on mommy’s breast both hands groped around her neck/ their was no turning back/vexed from the nights he would blow smoke in her face as he burned a black/ this so called daddy used to beat her hips till she was sore in the lips/For all the pain she would take his life like she stole a bag of chips/ 4 shots 2 hit his thigh one in between the eye/ He slumped over lifeless mommy wasn’t movin either she didn’t know why/ saw the 4th bullet hole in her abdomen and started to cry/ she just wanted to save her from daddy’s grip/ she wasn’t thinkin as she released the clip/ kitchen floor flooded with puddles of blood/she held the face of the mother she loved/ Looked to the ceiling only to see the light of the devil above/took one last breath Russian roulette the bullet chamber/ one pull of the trigger met danger/ the Hands of God couldn’t save her/ one slug of lead to the head/she fell next to the woman who always made sure she was fed/ neighbor called 911 emergency claimed “they heard shots”/ paramedics on the suicide murder scene with the cops/ family of three sittin in body bags names in red ink on the tags/Detectives started the investigation DNA results solved the complication/lil girl was adopted the hurt inside this home no one could have stopped it/ an std was found in her vaginal cavity/ autopsy results matched her mother to the tragedy/ Connecting the father to the agony/ I had to tell it cause it bothers me/ they never found the lil girls biological parents/white leather in a black hearse no family at the funeral made it apparent/detectives and paramedics watched the cedar wood coffin drop but couldn’t bare it/ I gave the eulogy but nobody wanted to hear it/ this lil girl long live her spirit/lost orphan only 9 years old and her life never flourished into proportion/ why didn’t her mom just have an abortion/ this lil girl lives inside of every person who has seen evil/never understanding why their life doesn’t live it up like other people/I’m the neighbor who did nothing to save her/now a fien to a needle filled with flavor/ if you can help those in need never think twice about doing a good deed/cuz you don’t know what will be planted in your life like a seed/I live with that last goodbye like a lost soul that didn’t try/ at night I toss in turn with the nightmares of why/All because I witnessed an Orphan’s Cry…


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