CTalent.Tv Presents: Lost Ones (Poetic Bars) – VersatilePoetiq

by CTalentTv on November 1, 2011

Lost Ones

This is for the lost ones who have been left behind like pulled out weave in a cat fight/ this is to the ones who can’t handle the truth so they don’t act right/ you wanna live the good life get your stacks right/a young woman insecure about her body rather than her mind look out your window she isn’t hard to find/instead of opening books she is opening her legs letting any man penetrate her holes like his playing pegs/a young man wants to get into that crew so he dragged her into the shed/you know what happened next he a lost one now grown man who still shits his bed/live by your word die by your word cuz saying what you mean and meaning what you say is where the respect is preferred/Lost ones feces stink more than a terd this is to the real ones with the style that’s more candy coated than a nerd/ Fakeness is sneaking around the corner, but then realness beats it to death all the way to the coroner/Lost ones always have something to say cuz when they were found they were heard like a sound wave/ this is for those who passed away now a lost blunt burned out in the astray/these are lost ones that put a stamp on the label I’m flippin lyrics like I’m switchin channels on your cable/ cussin out the old friends that judged me for being different / they lost ones who will never even inspire an infant/I’m a sharpie leaving a permanent imprint my knowledge ignites the ignorant/ I’m rejuvenating colorful dreams with no shading, fixing cracked teeth with no filling, shaping up Cesar cuts with no fading/ just like you I’m my own person living in the melting pot careful life gets real hot like water boiling for rice that’s instant/ hey even the Lost ones know real Hip Hop and give praise to the one at the tip top/ I’m floating eye level with your high tops/  I’m throwing out the bait hooking the lost ones that lost they living ability/ lost ones walk next to you down the street creepin like bed bugs in ya sheets/ everyone knows a lost one maybe more than one lost to a gun/the worst pain in the world is for a mother to bury her son/ be careful who you fall out with cuz you could fall down quick like a menace to society/ violence comes in all shapes sizes and variety like a stigmata tortured till theirs a visible disability/ life is about living with the best agility any signs of weakness pops pills to suppress they mentality/the lost ones has infected every nationality yet we still hate and judge each other’s reality/ it’s all about power to me money and respect gets you higher than ecstasy/ I’ve had serial killers sitting right next to me surviving the Summer of Sam is a blessing to me/ I didn’t even know it cuz lost ones fit right in like the space in a pocket/ we all at some point feel lost an unfixable like the drip from a faucet/ some smile with beauty like Farrah Fawcett then age turns old and they all will say you lost it/ This Is to the ones living that thug life illuminati illuminating your block so no set can mock it/everybody wants to be Big and Pac it but only Life After Death will tell us if the Messiah or Satan flies in the cockpit/ either way live with a strong will cuz even at your lowest point no one can top it/ when you got a remarkable gift no manual gear can shift cuz your greener than the bud that’s piffed/ hate greed and envy is a terrible mix and any big mouth will end up with a ass that’s kicked/ right and wrong is sometimes hard to depict like a glock constipated in ya throat making you defecate and shit/ my temper is so hot it burn holes in the sun so cool down cuz someone might blast shots of red rum at you for fun/I’m shining through any pitch of darkness until I’m next in line to join the Lost Ones


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