CTalent.Tv Presents: Deception (Poetic Bars) – VersatilePoetiq

by CTalentTv on December 5, 2011


We live our lives wanting to achieve so when the pressure presses our stresses we willingly deceive/ we believe we can get away without consequence so we constantly try to erase the negative constraints that strain our conscience/ I’m just trying to be honest cuz those closest to you behind your back will treat you like a conartist/ if you don’t believe me look into the eyes of another and see where they were stabbed the hardest/ it doesn’t matter if you were the smartest, dumbest, richest, or poorest cuz someone has deceived you/ so what do you do/ run up in they house and leave them Black and Blue/ what if its someone that loves you who are always the ones quickest to hurt you/ set you up to fly cut your wings and desert you/ what about someone you trust not knowing they secretly wanna see your downfall and arrange your death like the friends of Julius Cesar/ This is just a mental teaser watch the enemy cuz you could be sleeping with them like Julia Roberts in 1991/ Friends sittin in your house creepin into your life like a mouse behind closed doors masturbating about your spouse/ Deception alters the perception of reality making your dreams crash like Leonardo’s Inception/ Lets cut the deceit out with a cookie cutter add lots of butter then feed each other/ like when Othello’s friend drove him to strangle his own girlfriend how could this happen/ he thought she was cheating they had a strong love broken due to lies and deceiting/ Strong will trust and Love in this life is all were needing/ but it never seems enough cuz we want what we don’t need and need what we don’t want/ some of the most notorious Gangsta’s in the world Frank Lucas, Rayful Edmonds, and Gotti all stared into the hidden depths of deception inside their own entourage and didn’t even know it/ Corner stores sell the cheap an unhealthy to the poor hold on to that fact let me add some more/ why pay nothing to receive nothing, but have to pay more to receive something when the same something is a worldwide necessity/ Healthy food deceives us too/ Religious figures deceive with the Lord’s name in vain/ Politicians are lying to you/ the media sells controversial stories even when they aren’t true/ Government wants your money for unjustified uses but you pay taxes cuz that’s what you have to do/ deception was drank in your coffee this morning/deception filled up your gas tank/deception is printed inside the tongue of your Nike checked sneakers/ deception is written on the blackboard by the teachers/ deception is prescribed medicine given to you by the doctors/ deception broke the law in the court by the lawyers/ Welfare paying dues for some who take advantage happy to do nothing while chewing on a section 8 sandwich/ You drive a Benz but at your house roaches are your secret friends/ Things are not always what they seem like the hidden pregnancy of a Jehovah Witness teen/ so be aware cuz Deception makes the world turn around/An Deception will always stand its ground the question is Will you?



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