Lightning Strikes the Hart-Beat…

by CTalentTv on October 14, 2011

Most of us from Hartford have found ourselves wondering…I wonder if Beast could get that crossover off on a pro? I wonder if Big Ben woulda dunked that on a big man from overseas? Well now…we get our questions answered! The Atlantic Coast Professional Basketball League (ACPBL) has added the Hartford Lightning to its league. And with this addition, they have brought new life to the local legends looking for one last chance to do what they do best for a living!The Lightning will be coached by longtime youth advocate and local legend Israel Caro. Caro is a huge figure within Hartford. He has been involved with youth advocacy for well over 20 years. His assistant coach is Malcolm Yelling, also a well known figure within CT’s basketball world. Malcolm has been involved in the Greater Hartford Pro-Am as a player and as a coach, and he currently is a coach for CT Select, which is one of the top AAU programs not only in the state, but in the country.

The Lightning General Manager is Kyle Wright, former Division 1 player at Providence College and still one of the best players in the Greater Hartford Pro-Am every summer. He will be overseeing everything as this is his first venture into the business world of basketball. (I don’t understand why he’s not playing as well, because he is definitely just as or even more talented than the players on his roster). But he insists he is focused on his role as GM. Kyle’s father, Dana Wright, is majority owner of the team and he also owns and operates the Next Level Athletic Conditioning Center which is the unofficial “home gym” of the Lightning. Both Wright and Wright are optimistic about the team they have put together and about the possibilities this venture will present to the community.

The Lightning have managed to put together a very strong roster mixed with veteran players and youthful athletes, also mixed with hometown heroes as well as a few fresh faces. The roster includes: Doug Wiggins, Charles “Beast” Easterling, Ben Grate, Fred Grate, Deidrick King, John Green, Corriche Gaskin, Aaron Hall, Brian McKenzie, Jeremy Freeman, Mike Evanovich and Garret Kissel.

Assistant Coach Malcolm Yelling didn’t want to overlook the importance of signing former Uconn standout Doug Wiggins. “He’s a local hero who has always had the support of this area…we’re bringing him back home!” The same rings true for Hartford Legend Charles “Beast” Easterling. Easily the most popular player in the Hartford area, many people travel just to watch him play…even in local mens leagues. His fans will be thrilled to get to see him compete at a high level again…so will CTalent!

Hartford Lightning tickets will be $10 and free for kids 13 and under. They are available to order at Lets fill the stands so we can keep this outlet for the numerous talented players who don’t get the chance to play at the level they should be…

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