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by CTalentTv on November 28, 2011

Here are fifty things that one can do to assist in the growth and development of the youth in one’s community. 1. Make time for them.

2. Listen to them.

3. If you are bi-lingual, teach them a second language.

4. Teach them a trade such as carpentry, electrical work, cutting hair, or plumbing.

5. Teach them how to cook, sew, or about hygiene.

6. Teach them how to write.

7. Teach them how to research.

8. Teach them the difference between fact and opinion.

9. Encourage them to stay aware of the news (at home and abroad).

10. Walk them through 120 (Don’t just “give” it to them on a piece of paper).

11. Volunteer to be a mentor/big brother/sister.

12. Teach them how to eat to live and the effect of things that go into their bodies.

13. Teach them how to walk safely through the “ghetto” (i.e., how to traverse that land).

14. Take them on trips out of the city.

15. Take them to a movie and talk about it afterwards.

16. Teach them to excel in whatever they do.

17. Spend enough time with them to recognize their weaknesses and come up with a plan together on how to overcome them.

18. Teach them about conservation whether it be on an ecological level (recycling) or on an economical level (savings).

19. Show them, by example, how to interact with all of the human families of the planet Earth no matter what ethnic group, nationality or caste.

20. Teach them history and show the connection between the past and present.

By: C’BS Alife Allah

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