Lost in the wilderness of CT…

by CTalentTv on December 16, 2011

Imagine yourself having been dropped in the middle of a jungle. You are now surrounded by wild animals and poisonous plants…and you’re totally ignorant to this environment. What do you think your chances for survival are if you don’t know an earthworm from a killer cobra, nor edible fruit from poisonous berries? What do you think your fate will be? Naturally, you are easy prey, as you don’t have any means of protecting or preserving your life. Thus, your lack of knowledge is the biggest obstacle to your survival.

This is actually the reality of the world you live in. It’s like a jungle and your job is to navigate and survive long enough to find whatever treasure may be found. However, there are hostile conditions, all kinds of predators and prey, plants that nourish and replenish and poisonous plants that take life. Your job is to distinguish one from another and to know who and what you are dealing with at all times.

First you must recognize and control the animal instincts in yourself. You are not an unthinking beast. Second you must know that every person you see with two eyes, two ears, a mouth, is not necessarily a functioning human being. Some ARE unthinking beasts. Your job is to observe the dominant characteristics of those you encounter and deal accordingly. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding are your best defenses. It’s survival of the fittest, so you’ll need to exercise your mind.

Picture a baby rabbit who hasn’t yet been taught by the adult rabbits. What happens when a baby rabbit does not have knowledge of itself to know that it is a rabbit…and it begins to hang out with the wolf? Eventually, when the wolf gets hungry enough, that rabbit becomes breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not because the wolf doesn’t “like” the rabbit, but because the nature of the wolf is to eat things like rabbits to survive. The first law of existence is self-preservation.

In order to preserve its own existence or survive, the rabbit must:

♦ Know its kind

♦ Identify threats to its existence

♦ Identify its historical enemy

♦ Avoid things that are destructive to its existence

♦ Avoid its natural enemy

These stories are meant to illustrate the importance of knowledge of self and “knowing the ledge” (awareness of what to do and what NOT to do). How do we learn how to navigate the jungle? How does the story of the rabbit apply to us?

By: Wyking

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