A promoter driven from the streets toward success – G.M.E’s Chancie: Hartford, Ct

by CTalentTv on January 26, 2011


 G.M.Es Boss Don gives CTalentTv an exclusive into his world…

Name:  Chancie

What part of CT are you from?  Hartford, Ct

What inspired you to get into promoting?   My cousin R.I.P Demarco (BIG Hank) Mitchell.  He was the founder of G.M.E but unfortunately he was killed.   He was always in my air about music, but I was so into the street so when he passed I felt obligated to carry on his brand.

How long have you been in the promoting business?  Since 2006

What would you say is the best and worst part about promoting?  The best thing about promoting is that it got me into wanting to be more business minded.  It helped me open a hair salon S&S BEAUTY SALON and a clothi9ng store WORLDWIDE DENIM.  The worst part of promoting is everybody thinks it’s easy.  It’s very time consuming and aggravating at times.

Do you remember the feeling of booking your first show? Explain briefly? I was nervous as hell but I knew Lil Wayne was gone pop crazy because Markie gave me that artist in my sleep and I knew he was not gone stir me wrong.

Have you collaborated with any other promoters?  Yes, Michael Forbes M.T PROMOTIONS & NAYS WIRELESS they came aboard and made the brand SUPER STRONG.

Compared to the major states (ATL, NY, MIA, LA, etc..) what do you think CT is missing?  More venues and better support from the people.

If a young guy asked for advice on the promo business, what would you tell him?  Stay humble and do ya home work on the artist you bring. Make sure he or she has not been in your city too many times, and make sure your event is, “must see tv”, that’s my motto.

Any future projects you want the people to know about?  Not really I just sit back and see what’s hot + I just did Rick Ross and Lil Kim for NYE so I don’t even know what to do next!

How can you be contacted for business inquiries?  You can contact me at WorldWide Denim 2940 Main st. its the G.M.E OFFICE and the best spot you can get a pair of denim jeans in CT!!!!  worldwidedenim@yahoo.com

Shout outs?  I would like to shout the lord 1st, my wife & kids, all my family & where it all started at Mather st. and everybody who has helped G.M.E become CT & MASS BIGGEST PROMOTION COMPANY! PEACE!

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