E. Gamble – Hartford, Ct

by CTalentTv on March 3, 2011

 The self proclaimed, “R&B King of Ct” E. Gamble tells his story to Ctalent.Tv…

Name: E. Gamble or ”King of R&B”

What part of CT are you from?  I’m from Hartford, CT born and raised.

At what age did you realize you enjoyed singing and could actualy pursue a career in music?  well I always knew I could sing. My mother used to always have me singing to her friend she used to be like I’ll give you a dollar if you sing when I was like 5 or 6, but when I really started taking it seriously around the age of  18.
What is the most difficult part about creating a song?

to be honest i really don’t have a hard time creating a song i just go in for that know me they know exactly what i’m talking about hahahah 

How long does it take you to finish a song?  It all depends on the record. If I’m trying to write a song for the ladies it might take me 30 to 40 min. Sometimes it might take me 20 min depending on how I feel. If the beat touches me then I’ll have the song done fast.
Have you worked with any other artist in CT? 
I’ve worked with Young P / Young Sho /Oscar Black / lucky Looch / Ron Paul and so many other artist I can’t really think of the top, but I’ve worked with many people.
Where do you see your career in the next 5yrs? 
In 5 yrs I can see myself performing at the grammys.
Is there anyone in the music industry that your influenced by? why: 
I wouldn’t say I’m influenced by anybody but I really enjoy Trey Songz, Music Soulchild, and Usher. For the most part I listen to alot of old school music.
If you could sum up the state of Hip Hop in CT with one word, what would it be? 
What’s the best thing about the music scene in CT and the worst, in you opinion? 
The best thing about the music scene in CT is that everybody is hungry and everybody want to put CT on the map. The worst thing is since there really hasn’t been anybody to pop since J/E (Jagged Edge) everybody is hungry to the point where their not showing other artist love because they want to be the first to blow, so it’s almost like throwing a piece of meat in a lions den and every body trying to get that one piece of meat. Also I feel that n*ggaz having to pay to play its just really F*ckin up the game!!
Any upcoming projects? 
Yea my mixtape should be coming out in March. I got alot of shows coming up but I rather not say until the dates and contracts get signed but other then that I’m just grinding.
How can you be contacted? 
People can contact me at my email egamble1@hotmail.com or facebook Eric E Gamble.
Shout Outs: 
Shout Outs to my big bro Stack for putting this all together, my Vegas boyz Fam, the whole J&J Media fam, and everybody else ya’ll know who ya’ll are!!!


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