Ron Paul – Hartford,Ct

by CTalentTv on March 24, 2011

Ron Paul, Streets Politicans gives a whole new look on politics from his perspective.  CTalent got full access on the aspiring artist, as he shed light on his strategic hustle to the top of the rap game.  Audio & Video…

Name: Ron Paul aka Young Malcolm aka The Handsome Politician

How did you get started in the music business: I got started by making mixtapes. As the mixtapes started to expand on the streets of CT and NY. I started to make my connections inside the industry due to mixtapes.

What influenced your choice to pursue music: lol dropping out of high school and having nothing to do in the meantime.

We’ve noticed that you do a lot of promotion in the tri-state area. With so many artists in that area, what was the motivation for this strategy: Well I’d watch artist such as 50 Cent, Max B & Uncle Murda blow up off of mixtapes and I thought to myself. If I could do the same thing. Then I can get a deal just like them. All I need to do is reach the fans.

Have you dealt with any negativity on your pursuit to the top of this music game: Every artist deals with negativity. So it’s something every artist should know off top. But I believe in what I’m doing as an artist. So it’s not going to stop me or block me. Plus, everybody not going to like you or like your music. So you can’t get mad

Is there any artists in CT that you have good chemistry with in the studio: I can’t say right now because all the songs I done with artist in CT. I’d reach out to the artist. If I think a certain artist sounds good on a song I’m workin on. I’ll reach out to them to get it done. But the most relaxing and comfortable songs I done with an artist in CT is Phats

Where did the concept “Street Politician” come from: Well I’d came up with the concept to represent the type of person I am. I grew up on the streets of hartford. Plus I love politics. So I wanted to combine the two.

With a name like Ron Paul, it appears that your into politics. Is this a fair statement to make: Yes I love Ron Paul. I got into politics a little bit from Job Corp. Once I left Job Corp. I started to get into Malcolm X.

How did that track with Dipset affiliated A-Mafia come about: Well I was working with his DJ at the time. So when he came home. His DJ put us on the phone. So when I was ready to do the song. It was easy to link up with him

Who’s your favorite artist of all-time and why: Ghostface! I think Ghost is lyrically nice and always put out good albums. No artist been able to do good albums everytime. Plus, I love Wu-Tang

Any upcoming projects: Right now I’m working on Re-Election: Street Politician 2

How can you be contacted:

Shout Outs: Shout out to you and me and Father U C King The Police!

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