South Kent prep senior PG Anthony Jernigan’s road 2 success…

by CTalentTv on January 24, 2011

South Kent’s senior PG Anthony Jernigan comes from a rich family tradition of basketball.  There isn’t a place in CT that you can go where the last name Jernigan doesn’t ring bells in the world of basketball.  Many of you may be familiar with some of his counsins and older brothers, Corey, Jorelle, and Steven, but the youngest of the brothers, Anthony is most certainly making a name for himself.  CTalent sports reporter E. Young spoke with Jernigan about his recent transition from East Hartford High to South Kent.

Do you feel like there’s any pressure holding up the Jernigan name?  No, I don’t really feel pressure, I think of it more as a privilege to have that last name.

What was your reason for transferring to South Kent?  My reason for coming here was to better myself on and off the court, and to improve in my academics.

You’re out in the middle of nowhere at an all boys prep school. Other than playing basketball, what other activities are you involved with to keep you busy? Hobbies, school clubs, etc..  Besides basketball there is really not much else to do besides hanging out with friends or study.

Who do you model your game after?  I like to model my game after a mixture of Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo.

What do you feel are the strong points of your game and what things do you need to work on to excel at the next level (NCAA Basketball)?  I feel that I ‘am most affective in the open court where I can use my speed and make things happen. To play at the next level I feel that I have to keep improving on my defense and get stronger.  

Talk about the competition level of prep basketball compared to public school basketball in the CIAC.  Prep basketball compared to public school ball is totally different.  I noticed it’s a much faster pace and everybody is good at this level.

How have you adjusted from being the number 1 option at EHHS to sharing the spotlight with the other D1 level talents on your team?  While at East Hartford I did a little bit of everything. At South Kent, I’m taking on different roles; getting players the ball where they can be affective, and just being ready when coach calls me to do whatever he asks of me.

What was your most memorable game?  I would have to say last year in high school when my team beat Hillhouse High, which was the #1team in the state at that point and I played a really good game.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  In 10 years I could see myself getting paid to play basketball maybe like a gym teacher, or a sports analyst.  Something dealing with sports for sure.

What colleges are you interested in?  I’m not really sure but my coach told me he has gotten a lot of calls about me but he has not told me exactly who yet.  

*Bonus Question – Who was the most challenging person to guard thus far is your career?  My toughest challenge, HaHa, I’m not really sure I have had many battles in my career so far.

Report by E. Young

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