UFL’s Hartford Colonial starting FB Asaph Schwapp gives CTalent.Tv the secret to his success

by CTalentTv on February 9, 2011

Sports writer E. Young spoke with Asaph about his transition from dominating high school football to eventually pulverising LB’s at the collegiate level, and his keys to making it out of CT through his academic excellence…

Where do you feel you rank amongst the top Weaver High Football players in the past decade?  Honestly, I don’t know where I would fall on that list.  The list is pretty long and I personally like to remain modest when it comes to these sort of things.  Even though I did play at the Division 1 level, I feel that there were many Weaver players who had just as much if not more talent than I did.

If you didn’t go to Notre Dame, what school do you think you would have played for?  Originally I gave a verbal commitment to Maryland but I decommitted once Notre Dame offered me a scholarship.  So if it wasn’t for Notre Dame it would be the University of Maryland or quite possibly Penn State University as the were very high on my list as well.

Talk about your adjustment to the competition of D1 football compared to CT HS football.  The biggest adjustment for me personally was the speed of the game.  Coming from a small state like Connecticut the competition wasn’t as stiff as it is in bigger states like California or Texas.  With that being said, when I first put the pads on the difference in competition was immediately noticeable. Thanks to the work ethic I developed in high school this disadvantage didn’t hinder me from playing as a true freshman.

Who influenced you the most during your football career?  The person who influenced me the most is my cousin Marc King.  Around the time I started playing football, Marc began his career at Weaver.  We played the same position and I always looked up to him. 
What are your strengths as a football player?  I believe my biggest attribute as a player is my ability to block and also my ability to pick up the blitz.  Pass protection is probably the single most important thing for a running back to be able to do in professional football. 
What are the things you feel you need to work on to get to the nfl?  After suffering another injury to my ACL my durability is definitely going to be questioned.  So I have to show that I can recover from this injury and continue to play productive, physical football and the rest is in God’s hands.
How well do you think The Colonials inaugural season went?  I was a little disappointed we didn’t win as many games as we should have but I’m sure everyone else feels the same way I do. Aside from the wins and losses column I think the inaugural season was pretty good.  At a point we held the attendance record for the league and we currently have the most players on NFL rosters. 
What are you currently doing during the UFL’s offseason?  As of right now my main concern is rehab so that’s all I’ve been doing.  I go to physical therapy every afternoon and I train in the mornings.
Where do you see yourself 5 yrs from now?  Five years from now I see myself with a couple more years of football under my belt and working towards or already having my masters.
What advice can you give to young Hartford kids trying to pursue a career in football?  The main thing that set me aside from many of my counter parts were my grades, as I stated earlier; although I was one of few to play at the Division 1 level I certainly wasn’t one of few to have Division 1 talent. School always comes first!  In addition, coming from Connecticut I knew how tough it would be to get a scholarship because I know people don’t look at Connecticut as a football state, so I made it my duty to out work everybody.  I was the first one in the weight room and the last one out every single day throughout my entire high school career.  Robert Fleeting; my former coach, once told me if you want to be the best you have to work the hardest and that stuck with me.  Hard work pays off plain and simple.

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