K Cohiba – West Haven,CT

by CTalentTv on February 21, 2011

 As you guys know, we feature Talent from all over Ct and this week feature artist hails from the southern part of the state in West Haven.  K Cohiba is a cool dude by all means of the word as he allowed Ctalent.Tv to enter into his world. Interview and Audio inside Name: K Cohiba

So the name K-Cohiba seems interesting, could you shed some light on the thought process in creating the name?  The thought process of my stage name was be original but not too far-fetched. My government name begins with a K so I tried to include it and Cohiba is a well known cigar. So on that note I have something incorporated that is known as well as my own twist. On the other hand this defines my style as being hot and of good quality, similar to the cigar.

Was there anyone in particular that inspired you to start focusing on music?  Nobody in particular made me focus on music, I have a musically inclined family but I began as an athlete and artist. My goals were to play in the league or become an architect but in high school music became more than just a hobby. From there i began developing as a musician and listening to old school hip hop, rhythm & blues and more current rap/hip hop music to pick up on the culture.

We noticed in a precious interview that you mentioned playing football. Where did you play, and was this something that you originally wanted to do? I played football in Hartford, CT for Capital Prep. The school is very known and has been televised on CNN and other national/international stations. We were a small school but we had a lot of ambition and grew into a team that competed. I played quarterback and safety, started every year and figured this is what I was supposed to do. Later college changed that but now I’m working on filling a slot at Univ. of New Haven.

Can you remember your first written freestyle? Actually I can, I was around the age of 12 and I felt like I really accomplished something. Now looking back the freestyle was corny and predictable but others appreciated it. So I guess it was a good start.

With all this talk about Illuminati, does this affect how you feel about the business? Illuminati or not I’m not going to let this effect the way that I decide to pursue my music career. Every business is looking to gain more than they put out, that’s the only way to view a business as being successful. I plan to do the same thing with my music through marketing and cutting out as many middle men as I possibly can. Business is Business

In your opinion, who would you say is the most noticeable artist in CT right now?  I really can’t call it. Most recently I’ve seen Oscar Black making the most noise in CT to be honest, but there are others like Opium Black that’s been on the scene so I’d say it’s between them two.

Favorite MC of all time? and why.  My favorite MC of all time is Joe Budden. He’s always been the underdog in every battle, his wit and style has and still is overlooked and I feel he was before his time. The world wasn’t ready for what he brought to the table at a time when real hip-hop was on a verge of extinction.

Ok K Cohiba, time for some predictions. Who do you think will win the NFL Super Bowl and NBA Championship? We got the Pats & Heat!  I’m going with the Eagles and the Lakers… The Heat is a young team and started too shaky for me to put my money on them.

Finish this statement: In a perfect world _____. “In a perfect world everyone would be open minded to new ideas and support those who vouch for them”.

Any upcoming projects?I’m currently working on a mixtape with Cass of S.S.O Team (Swagg So Official) as well as Dopekid, Young Heights and multiple other artists out of NY. I’m also featured on The Hipsters’ EP “The Next Generation Of Cool” this is on Datpiff download your copy. An Undefined Recordings tape will be dropping by the summer featuring P-Money, Axis, Willz, Criss Lyric, Big Dre, Are-Pure and many more artists and lastly I’m working on my solo EP which is hitting the streets by July.

How can you be contacted?You can contact me at twitter.com/k_cohiba, kcohiba@gmail.com, reverbnation.com/kcohiba & facebook.com/kayshawn.jolly 

Shout Outs:  Undefined Recordings, Wallstreet Money Ent, HipHopHeartbeat.com, New Money Ent, Beallmighty.com, Street Money Dvd Magazine, GTV, Coolin Kush Gang, Swagg So Official Team, Keev Kash, Frontline, Gwilz, TSwan Productions, Copp, Charlemagne, xL Nation, Prestige, Criss Lyric and all affiliates/ future affiliates. Lastly shouts to CT Talent

Thank you for the opportunity

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