The Goonies – Middletown, CT

by CTalentTv on March 31, 2011

The Goonies are an alternative Hip Hop/R&B group that was formed in February of 2009 when Julian “Juice” Ross and Michael Minelli were introduced to each other through a mutual friend. Both had been individually making their presence known in the entertainment world. Juice had been doing production for artists throughout Connecticut and New York while Mike was part of the rising dance group E3. However, once they met it was clear that the combination of their talents would make an unstoppable team.

They began booking shows all over Connecticut from small town bars to big city clubs, and even your average college house party. After dozens of shows the two decided to take their performances to the next level by adding a live band behind them. They immediately noticed the chemistry between band members and amazed the crowd with their routine and even sparked the interest of record labels, sponsors and promoters.

Now The Goonies have played shows everywhere from The Heinz Convention Center in Boston, Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire to Up Or On The Rocks in Connecticut. Their first single entitled “The Life Of A Dreamer” is now available on iTunes and is set to hit major northeast radio stations in late 2010 and is set to drop their first official album “Lucid Dreams” in early 2011.

CTalent.Tv and The Goonies camp have agreed to join forces and bring to you a weekly web series of their hustle to the top of the charts. Tune in to get the latest on the ups & downs in the life of The Goonies…

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