Why we hate Connecticut…

by CTalentTv on January 24, 2011

Is it wrong to say the majority of Connecticut residents have said: ‘I hate Connecticut’ more than a few times? We express our dislike with Connecticut by blaming the weather, scarce job opportunities, lack of leisure activities and most of all entertainment. We have all heard it from friends, family and even our selves: “there is nothing to do here!” or better yet: “CT is wack!” Could this be true? Is Connecticut really a place full of boring untalented people?

NO! There are plenty of reasons to love Connecticut, including the weather, jobs, leisure activities and even entertainment (yes, I said even entertainment). The problem influencing the “I hate Connecticut” comments is exposure. Connecticut has various elements that make it a great place to live, but finding out what’s going on is hard.

 CTalent.Tv falls into play as the solution. We’ll be your source for different cities within Connecticut spreading the word about fresh out the box talent, what’s buzzing in the streets, and background stories about local businesses. As long as you stay connected to CTalent.Tv  you will never have to ask: “what’s going on?”

By:  Brady

9 Responses to “Why we hate Connecticut…”

  • Shawn says:

    I think this post hits the nail right on the head. Everyone has there opinion on how they dislike CT and very few have taken the time to experience this state for what it really has to offer. CT like any other state has it’s Pro’s and Con’s and the grass is definitely not always greener on the other side. Keep doing what you’re doing and keeping us informed. A+ Brady.

    • Quela says:

      Keep in mind, we have the lowest risk of natural disasters — meaning no tectonic plates to cause earthquakes OR tsunami’s, hurricanes DIE once they reach New England, and there aren’t many tornados seeing as we’re a fairly mountainous region. We might get blizzards or snow storms but once they’re over, we look outside and find ourselves in a winter wonderland…and who doesn’t love that :)

    • SOMEONE says:

      Ive been to CT. and lett me tell you IT SUCKED! not going to get into it but CT. NEEDS TO DROP OFF IN THE OCEAN AND DIE!

  • Quiana N. Queen says:

    I Love Connecticut!! I see people say that they hate CT. on facebook, and it also comes up in conversations, and it makes me cringe. When I first moved away from Connecticut, I didnt miss it, but as I stayed away long enough I began to see the differences of our state in comparison to others. Connecticut, might need to improve on our entertainment, but I love our “CLASS”. I have lived in Philly for 9 years and I have yet to adjust to their mentalities. Connecticut, might have some stuff with it, but even our impoverished communities have some sort of moral and value system. We look great when we go out in public(99% do), we are far from as ghetto as some other hoods, our projects are cleaner then other cities,( in comparison to PHILLY) our houses are bigger, we driver hotter cars, cost of living is higher(=higher wages),I was born and raised there, and if it was not for CONNECTICUT, I would not have evolved into the woman I am today!! <3 Peace !!!

  • Quiana N. Queen says:

    I forgot to add, what we call extra is also different here!!!lmao

  • Sugar Baby Momma says:
  • Amaria Bennett says:

    I cant possibly point any fingers in this matter because i was once one of the many that said “I HATE CT”… how ever once i’ve broaden my own horizons and surrounded myself more positve people i found there are more things to do. You have everything to open mic night and plays….very upscale restaurants you can dine at. We as a society has a tendency to sleep on our local talent because they are not on BET, but if you gave them a chance im sure you will be amazed at what you see. And as far as jobs are concerned “WE” as a nation suffering from this economy. But cant only have a high diploma and expect to get a job a some big fortune million dollar company, it’s just not happening. However Mcdonalds, Wendys, and Burger King is always hiring. But poeple standards are too high to have no education under their belt…and a lack of education tends to lead to a lack of EVERYTHING! And weather wise this is New England at least we are not going through any natural disasters….i mean for real NYC snow just as musch it snows here and theres alot to do there. Bottom line we have to take the good with the bad.

  • Califas says:

    Connecticut SUCKS. BAD. It’s the worst place I’ve ever lived in my life. I cannot believe the amount of stupidity, lack of education, and lack of common sense in the residents (as a whole). The people in CT are judgemental and culturally stunted. The food sucks too. I don’t understand why I see so many fat a**es around. The restaurants serve tasteless food. The grocery stores are filthy – just check out the cleanliness factor in the local grocery store.
    The school curriculum is pathetic. No wonder the people of CT are uneducated.
    New Haven has made the top ten worst cities in America list. Just drive down there – it could pass for skid row. Doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

    Did I mention the awful humidity?

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