Speed has always been Kory Sheets ‘star player’, see what the Miami Dolphins RB from Bloomfield HS has to say about CT

by CTalentTv on March 8, 2011


Kory Sheets, or for those who played against him in Ct, “SHEETS breaks loose down the sideline” for a more familiar sounding name. The MIAMI DOLPHINS RB provided CTalent.Tv with an exclusive on his recent experiences at the professional level…  

Okay, so let’s get down to business. How is MIAMI weather right now because this CT weather is killing us man.  It’s about 75-83 here in Miami.

Explain to the readers what your football experience was like growing up in CT?  Up until I moved to Bloomfield everywhere I played I was always the fastest and best player on the team without having to put in any real work to be good. Once I got to Bloomfield I had to put the work in during the spring and summer to be the best player in the field.

Did you aspire to be anything else besides a football player?  Up until 6 grade I loved playing baseball and I also played basketball all the way to the 10th grade.

We’ve heard that you were a track star in CT, but sort of stumbled against a supporter of ours from Syracuse in Tyvon Branch during your high school days. Is this true LOL ?  That’s funny Tyvon caught me coming off of a real bad quad injury were I torn it in 3 places during indoor track. But if I had been at 100% it would have been a better race that I would have won.

  Can you remember your first ever touchdown scored at each level you played in (midget, high school, college, and the NFL)?  Yes I can actually and they all pretty much was the same play except for the college one that was a blocked punt from the Texans Barnard Pollard that I caught and ran it in. Midget, high school, 1st offense n pro/preseason all was some kind of pitch or option toss

Is there anyone in CT that you felt was someone you wanted to model your game after?  Nope I use to watch Berry and Ricky once I did start to watch football and I love their game.

Coming from one of the most dominating high schools in the state in Bloomfield War hawks, do you feel you were prepared for Purdue training camp?  Yes college was easy to me because of what the coaches at Bloomfield put us through.

Is it true that once you make it to the NFL, you gain a few more relatives and receive more phone calls?  Laughing… yes but it dies down after a little while.

How did you feel being cut from the 49ers when you clearly did a hell of a job during your brief stay?  I was hurt because I felt I did everything i was asked and allowed to do.

Bloomfield High had a few players playing in the NFL at the same time. Do you guys ever get together and reflect or reach out to each other once in a while?  I’ve hung out with Freeney a few times and he called me before the combine and draft.

In your opinion, who is the hardest hitter in the NFL?  I don’t know yet, haven’t played the best yet.

Who would be in your top 5 players of all time from CT? I honestly don’t know all the players to play n the NFL from CT but at least 3 of the 5 would be War hawks.

What advice would you give someone from CT who aspired to play in the NFL?  Don’t listen to the people that will tell you that just because you’re from CT you can’t play with the guys from the big states like FL, TX, and Cali.

*bonus question* In Miami, Club Play vs. Club Bed, who wins your presence?  Play

Report By – E. Young


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