How CT can revamp our mindset and solidify our brand of talent through past experiences as well as continuing to identify a resolution…

by CTalentTv on February 25, 2011

Dear Problem:
The issue is not what you say but what you don’t do. The people of Connecticut are tired of people running away to a different State seeking ways to better themselves. Connecticut has so much talent and diversity right in this small state. There are million dollar minds that spend so much time investing their potential in other states, investors, brands and corporations. Why is it that so much talent that is harvest and manufactured here in CT barely have an opportunity to plant the seed of success right here in the rich soils of our youth so that our future can reap the benefits of quality fruit? 

The answer is simple. Connecticut does a horrible job marketing our hidden talents as well as solidifying our brand. We excel at making other artist, styles, schools, corporations or other multi million dollar industries flourish; however we lack the own desire to uplift our own. In any field of business, or athletic sport you can take the top talent that Connecticut has to offer and travel all over the globe in a manifestation of success. Connecticut is by far the richest, most powerful states in the country however its leadership does not reflect so. Self employed business does not thrive. How often do you see a grand opening sign one year and as soon as the sun sets on time sure to follow another grand opening from another business opens up. Many people like to point the finger at the demographics and different cultures that directly influence different levels of success. Lets take a look at this closer.
In the African American Community, why are there so many of the same business’s. If any typical African American community you will see the following stores; (Barber Shop, Church, Liquor Store, Pizza Shop).  In addition to that, why are there so many schools in the black community with no progress in test scores, education, athletics etc. In other communities this issue does not exist. We are grooming our inner city talent to compete in such a small geographical location and the rivalry is so intense that it restricts the mind from thinking outside the box of success. This mindset creates a lack of desire to support and in turn “waters down” the talent potential. People are not interested in an area where the output of success is overshadowed by the immediate communities lack of support for the things that we are producing. This mindset affects African Americans Education, Athletics, as well as artistic expression and in some cases is reflected in violence from block to block, street corner to street corner.
The problem of support can be transformed with a simple goal of support. In order to embellish on our talent we have to begin to unite, support and uplift our abilities to reflect the following: Passion, Positivity, Purpose and $Paper$. Through this series off writings, I will illustrate how CT can revamp our mindset and solidify our brand of talent through past experiences as well as continuing to identify a resolution to what people complain the most about and do nothing about the PROBLEM

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