PaperBoyFabe – Hartford,Ct (Currently resides in Atlanta)

by CTalentTv on March 7, 2011

PaperboyFabe represents perfection everytime he creates a beat. The Hartford native enrolled into Clark Atlanta college in Atlanat,GA after graduating from Bloomfield High School and has found his niche. Fabe has won many battles in the metro Atlanta area with his wide variety of beats. Fabe’s diversity in the studio is what seperates his sound from any other producer. Fabe spoke with CTalentTv about his thought on the music scene in CT in comparison to ATL.

Name: Paperboy Fabe

How long have you been involved in the music world? I’ve been making beats as a hobby since 2001.. Started taking it serious around 2006.

What are some things that keep you grounded on a daily basis? Honestly, I just thank GOD for blessing me and the ability to do what I love to do. I’m grounded by the little things. Being fortunate to still be healthy and physically able to achieve my goals. Also, I have a good supporting circle around me on a daily basis that motivates me as well.

Have you ever worked with any mainstream artist yet? If not who would you like to work with, and why?  Yea I worked with a lot of mainstream. One of the first artists I ever worked with was LLoyd. The song came out amazing and he was a fan of my music. I think that moment solidified that I was in the right direction to actually have cosigners in the industry. I also worked with The Game, Yung Joc, Cyhi Da Prynce, Mims, and many more to name.

Have you worked with any artists in CT yet? Yes. I worked with the Paperboyz, Joen Vazquez, Prestige, Mann95, Jus Mula, and a few others.

Would you say you’re at the point where music is paying the bills or are you currently working a 9 to 5 as well? Well I’m living comfortable right now. Music pays most of the bills and I made a couple of investments. So I haven’t worked a 9-5 since I graduated from college.

Have you dealt with the HATERS in the music world yet? I never really encounter too many haters in the past years. Maybe it’s because I don’t focus even on the haters if I have any. A hater to me is like a person yelling at the top of their lungs just to get my attention.  But while they are yelling, my back is turned and I’m wearing my iPod headphones with the music blasting… in a sound proof booth. It’s almost impossible to pay attention to things you don’t even hear.

How did you feel about the music scene in CT? Honestly, the music scene in CT is cool. It’s actually a few dope artists in CT.

Being that you are currently living in Atlanta, what do you think the difference is musically between CT and ATL? The music scene in ATL is becoming more diverse than in the past. It’s a lot of hype Crunk music but at the same time there is some soul music here to. It really depends on what part of the city you reside in. CT music has changed since I moved. I honestly don’t know what is hot in CT anymore. I guess I would have to ask my cousin or something. lol

If you had a solution to help CT become relevant in the music scene, what would it be? First of all, the music scene in Connecticut is minuet. (Small) So it’s a lot harder and most of CT artists know each other and are always in competition. Instead of trying to make good music together… it’s always some sort of beef which usually result into nothing happening. The scene in ATL is huge. So more than likely u are going to run into someone that does entertainment. The difference here is that ATL is a city of entrepreneurs. They don’t even focus on who’s hotter or who’s better musically.. They just work together because they share the same common goal. (MONEY) They don’t wait on any labels to give them deals because they have their own followings and their own labels 90% of the time. Also, people in Atlanta support each other and do a lot of collaborations which is why Atlanta is the city where everyone wants to move to [laughs]. CT can become relevant if they have more local support. You can start by being more involved with local radio stations and demand that they help promote a local CT artist. ATL has a daily segment where they play local music so I don’t see why CT don’t try and emulate that same formula. It is proven to work.

What would you say is your ultimate goal in this game? My ultimate goal is to be able to bring an artist from nothing to superstar status. All the great producers did it. I believe I’m a great producer so it’s going to happen sooner or later.

Top 5 producers of all-time in your opinion? Rockwilder, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, Bink, Neptunes

What would you say is the hardest part of doing what you do in this aspect of the game? The hardest part is probably the creativity aspect. It’s very hard to be creative if you don’t see results immediately. That’s why I believe I’m successful at what I do because I’m naturally creative and I don’t mind making beats even if I don’t see money from it.

How can you be contacted for business inquiries? You can contact me on: Twitter: @Paperboyfabe Facebook: Paperboyfabe

Upcoming projects? Got a lot in store for the 2011. Just stay updated via Facebook/Twitter.

Projects that Fabe has done:

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