To describe Capitol Prep Guard Kahlil Dukes in two-word: INSTANT OFFENSE!

by CTalentTv on March 14, 2011

Hartford’s own Kahlil Dukes out of Capitol Prep School is easily on of the states best scorers in years.  Some say he might rank with previous top scorers such as Delsean Jackson (Prince Tech), Will Solomon (East Hartford), Mike Williams (Weaver), Scott Burrell (Hamden) or even the late great Calvin Murphy out of Norwalk High School.  Whether you agree or not, one thing for sure is, there isnt many guys who can say they’ve averaged just about 30ppg during their FRESHMAN year of High School…

What made you choose to attend Capital Prep over larger schools in the area?   Technically my mom chose the school because the education is better, the rules aren’t as strict as people say but the teachers are, and the graduation rate is 99%. Once I got here I embraced that work ethic in the classroom and my grades are basically A’s and B’s.  Andre Drummond was a freshman at the school when I first got here, so I was excited about high school but he just so happen to leave my junior high year so I had to make a name for myself.

Talk about your adjustment from putting up Kevin Durant numbers (30ppg) your freshman yr to being more like Chris Paul (more assists, less points) this yr?   It was the most difficult adjustment I’ve ever made because once you have a scorer mentality, all you think is score.  Averaging 29 didn’t really signature my point guard abilities.  Plus I read the articles, and write ups, and recruiting reports.  They all said “how good I get depends on whether I learn how to play with players and get them better, or if I get stronger”.   So this year I was just focus on getting my teammates better and being the best basketball player I can be.  I told myself that if I listen to my coaches, I’ll be a great player.   I think my coaches have done a great job teaching me about TEAM, how to be a point guard, and that if I can’t make my teammates better the major schools won’t recruit me.  After leading the state in assists my freshman year, I’m leading the state in assists and me and my teammates finished the regular season 17-3 winning the last 15 games.

Who is the toughest person that you’ve faced during your HS career?   That’s a tough one because I’ve only played a handful of games and played against a couple good players so I’ll have to get back to y’all on that.

What was your most memorable game?   My most memorable game had to be my freshman year Vs. Litchfield in the 2nd round of the state tournament.   Everybody expected us to lose, we were the under dogs and we were at their house.  My first couple possession weren’t good; two air balls and an offensive foul.   But when coach told me to let the game come to me, I went off and finished with 23 points, a few dimes, and we won on the road 55-50 and moved onto the quarter finals.

What NBA player do you model your game after and why?   I model my game after Allen Iverson, Deron Williams, and Rajon Rondo.   I know they are totally different players but that’s just what I’ve been over the past few years!

What part of your game do you feel you need to work on to get to the next level?   Well now that I’ve got most of the point guard stuff down, to get to the next level I have to work on my defense and my vocal leadership.   I also have to cut down on turnovers and be as smart of a player I can be.   After that I feel like I’ll be scary.

If you had to put together a CT H.S. all star team of former and current players, who would be on that team?   Marcus Camby, Will Solomon, Kendall Williams, Charles “The Beast” Easterling, Andre Drummond, Kuran Iverson, Freddie Wilson, Kris Dunn, and all the Jernigans Lol.

When you want to play a good pick-up game, where do you go?   I go to Keney Park, Ave courts, Goodwin, Or Hyland Park.

In your opinion how are CT basketball players viewed from kids from bigger states?   They view us as if we aren’t good, like we’re overrated.  So every time we leave the state we have a chip on our shoulder.

Where do you see yourself 10 yrs from now?   I’ll be playing professional ball somewhere unless I get hurt.  I work too hard not to get paid one day for playing the game that’s been my life, my teacher, and must more.

What colleges have shown interest in you?   I’ve HEARD that UCONN, Pitt, Florida, Marquette, Detroit Mercy, and St. Peters are asking about me only I’ve only gotten Questionnaires from them in the mail.

Who do you have winning the NBA and NCAA championships?   I have DUKE winning the NCAA championship and I have the Lakers winning three in a row.

Good luck on the rest of the season and thanks for allowing CTalent to conduct this interview.  Anything else you want to let people know, shout outs, etc..?

I appreciate y’all and everybody that supports me and I want to shout out my teammates at Capital Prep. It’s ours fellas we here!

By: E. Young

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