H8ters in Connecticut…SMH!

by CTalentTv on May 16, 2011

Where do I even begin with this one, Hmmm. Okay, so we’ve all dealt with hatred in one form or another.  I could remember when I was in elementary and this girl was hatin on me because I consistently got a smiley face next to my name for hanging my coat up every time I walked into the classroom.  Mind you this is what every student was directed to do upon arrival to class in the 4th grade.  A few years later the hatred got a little more intense once I reached middle school.  At my school there were categories for those who walked home and who got on the bus for dismissal.  I was a “buser” and you should have seen the hate that the “walkers” would throw at us simply because we were released from school earlier than they were. SmH.

Fast-forward to the present state of HATRED in CONNECTICUT, and boy-o-boy it is outrageous out here. Just the other day I was on Facebook trying to find some females. DON’T JUDGE ME! Anyway, I noticed someone status say, “Im loving my life and everyone in it. So thankful for all that I have right now. Missing HIM”. So I look under the comments and I see the following, “yeahh right you aint got no man girl” and “Ughhhh I’m so hating you right now”. Needless to say the comments were from females. Smh.

The worst form of hate in my opinion is the one that actually causes someone from reaching their goals. I can’t stand a M*ther F*cker who has no goals or admiration to do anything with their self, but find time to hate on the next person’s drive.  Okay, so I was on twitter the other day and I noticed how this person from CONNECTICUT was hating on the entire rap scene in CT.  I’m reading this sh*t like, “are you serious right now man?” He says, “Man all these dudes from CT tryna rap, but most of them get their swag from NY dudes.  Don’t quit ya day job.” Ughhh, this type of sh*t pisses me off because people fail to realize that our LACK OF SUPPORT is the ONLY reason why we aren’t poppin right now.  CT DEFINITELY has the talent, but honestly, I’m not sure if we have a strong enough support system…To the artists out there grinding, please do me a favor, KEEP DOING IT.  Stay positive and spread love to each other because “yall all yall got”…

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