Oh so your a Hustler huh? Well here are a few reasons to stay OUT “The Game”

by CTalentTv on May 16, 2012

1. The fall. The only thing worse than riding the bus everyday is going from driving a candy-painted Chevy on 26s to riding the bus every day. Just remember, it ain’t what you got, it’s what you get to keep. When you lose, you lose it all.

2. The IRS. When you start taking all that money you making and start making those big purchases, and you can’t prove where the money came from…or worse yet, that you gave a huge chunk of that money back to the government, you’re either going to see the repo man or the inside of a cell for tax evasion.

3. Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen. Unless you find out about a market no one has ever seen before, or create a new one, there’s not a lot of room left for you. There’s more boys trying to work on one corner than there are Mexicans outside a Home Depot. Unless someone else plugs you in, you’re gonna have to fight your way in. And if you’re plugged in, plan to pay your plug.

4. The Pyramid. There’s only room for a few on the top. There’s plenty of disposable nobodies on the bottom. Those are the ones that come and go and nobody notices, slaving away, while the fat cats on top are making millions, moving major weight. Guess who goes to jail first? Oh and, where are you in that pyramid? Let me guess.

5.  No  Retirement  Plan. How many old hustlers you know? All dead, in jail, or addicted. And there’s a few that came home from long bids and they’re 45 working as janitors now.

6. You’re a Pawn, not a King. Sure, you’re making money, but look at who most of it goes to. Then look at who will keep most of your sh*t once they’ve got you. Then look at who the drugs are hurting most. Then look at who is going to jail the most. Then look at who’s dying the most. Now look at who put the drugs here. Now look at yourself. Ask yourself where you fit in the equation.

By: Supreme

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