Black people in CONNECTICUT need to WAKE UP!!!

by CTalentTv on May 23, 2012

People will judge everything you do based off what they already think of you when they first see you.  As a Black man, any ignorant act is going to be seen as “Black ignorance.” Any act of violence, even in self-defense, will be called “thuggery.”

You represent your people, everywhere you go. And the popular opinion is against you and your people.  People already think your ignorant, violent, and good-for-nothing.  And I don’t just mean white people in America.

“The image of the Black community is horrendous in the world.  The image of Black men in particular is that of a bestial, maniacal and savage group of persons.” – Louis Farrakhan

Throughout the world, even among Blacks in Africa, people only know about Black people what they see on TV. And since they only see MTV, American news, and modern-day minstrel shows like “I Love New York,” they think Blacks in America are ignorant savages.  Funny, because all we see about Africans on TV are people living in huts in the jungle, so we think the same thing about them.  But Africa is not like that.  I’ve been there, so I know that what they show us is not what all of Africa is like.  But when I was there, I met a lot of people who had an even worse stereotype of Blacks in America.  Truth is, that’s what people think in a lot of places.

I met this girl in College that was from Nigeria who was very beautiful but had a horrible perception of Black people in America. We would often talk about the differences in upbringing and she would always say, “YOU PEOPLE don’t have any respect for you elders or each other. Its like YOU GUYS treat people badly for no reason. Everyone is in a gang of some sort and its just chaos as far as Black people in America goes.” I’m thinking in my head like, “B*^ch you better act like you know where we at right now!” But of course I understood why she felt this way. It seems this way when you think about it. Regardless of what, Black people must create a culture of learning, interpreting, and applying toward our life. Peace

By: Supreme

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