Here are a few signs that your: DYING FOR ATTENTION!!!

by CTalentTv on June 27, 2011

Here’s a list of things that people do in public to let people know they’re crying to be heard and dying to be seen.  If this sounds like you, it means one of two things.  Either (a) you don’t care what others think about you because society aint gave you sh*t, or (b) you are trying extra hard to get noticed by people in this society, and looking real foolish in the process.  Either way, you need to step your game up.  Cause I’m tired of watching people make an a** out of themselves.

1. You attempt to publicly holla at a girl, or physically grab her to stop her, and then curse her out when she disses you.

2. You yell out the name of your gang or set in a place where nobody cares, like a shopping mall.

3. You go to a bookstore or movie theatre and talk real loud like you own the place.

4. You talk so loud on the phone that everyone can hear about the stupid drama you’ve gotten yourself into this time.

5. You ACT “extra-Black” or “extra-ghetto”, depending on who’s watching.

6. You approach a female who is in a relationship, or even worse, actually with her date, and aggressively try to get her for yourself. (Disrespect a** son of a B*tch)

7. You come out looking drunk or high and smelling like weed or liquor to inappropriate places like work, church, or court.

By: Supreme

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