Here are a few tips to help Connecticut teens (even adults) communicate better #PayAttention

by CTalentTv on May 30, 2012

Here are some tips that will help you communicate better, and accomplish your goals with ease:

Ask what needs to be asked; say what needs to be said. You can’t blame anyone else if its you fault something wasn’t known.

Don’t take everything so damn personally. That dude who won’t give you change for five may not be disrespecting you. He doesn’t speak English. Now stop acting like a two year old.

Shut the f*** up sometime. Especially when someone more qualified is talking, or when you’re hearing some sh*t you can use.

Think twice before you respond. Otherwise, you’re likely to say some sh*t you wish you hadn’t. And once it’s said, you can’t really take it back.

Might = Will. When someone says they “might” do something, it doesn’t mean they “will,” and you shouldn’t say you “will” when you really mean you “might.”

Raising your voice never helps the situation. It doesn’t make you look tough either, since the coolest, hardest people are the most low-key. It just makes you look emotional.

Paraphrase. That means you can clear up a lot of miscommunication if you just repeat what you think the other person is saying, in your own words. You might see that a person doesn’t always mean what YOU think they mean.

Compromise. Find some common ground, something you both agree on or something you both want, and work from there.

Develop your vocabulary. It doesn’t matter how you learn new words, but learn you some. Matter fact, work on you English all the way around. That way, you’ll sound smarter and you won’t be spelling words like “paid” and “money” wrong on your Facebook page.

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