CTalent.Tv listening session: Chris Webby – Norwalk, CT

by CTalentTv on June 22, 2011

According to http://www.ilike.com bio of Chris Webby, “ It all started back in 6th grade, when Webby picked up a copy of Dr. Dre’s 2001 album. It was that moment that he knew he was destined to make make music. So he did what any skinny, white, braces wearing, adolescent would do. Went out and bought a fake diamond encrusted chain with a big “W” on it. Now that he looked the part, how do you hone your skills? That’s simple, waiting in the lunch line but of course. And that’s exactly what he did, while other kids were waiting for that Wednesday’s “Mystery Meat” Chris (Or Little W as he was called now) was dropping some of the freshest rhymes a 6th grader could spit. Even the lunch ladies were impressed with how this kid got dirty with his freestyles. In 7th Grade little W got transferred to Green Farms academy, a Private school where they we’re required to wear uniforms, and a majority of the kids were of Caucasian decent. Even being put in this preppy environment, he kept up with his rhymes. By the end of High school the time where most kids are applying to college, and fixing up their transcripts, Webby was becoming known throughout the suburbs of the 203 due to his notorious drunken’ freestyles at parties galore. It helped him build his confidence to the point where he released not one, not two, but three albums. Now that he was building hype, what was the next step? College. Hofstra University to be exact. While most freshman come ready to party, Webby came ready to do his thing. Within the first two months of his tenure, he opened up for world renown superstar Lupe Fiasco. What’s the next step you might ask for this 20 year old white boy? “It’s really just going to be all up hill from here. I’m on my grind right now. Trying to push for my 1st Official album. I believe in my music, and what I’m doing. My whole life people have been telling me I can’t do this, I can’t do that. Pretty soon I’m going to break down the doors. It’s not about being black, white, Latino, purple, green whatever. The fact is I know where I came from, and that’s what really shows in my music. I’m doing it for the burbs’ one way or the other. You people get ready for the movement, because I’m coming.” Chris Webby is going to put Hofstra, the suburbs, and Connecticut all on the map. Get ready people. Holla.”

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