Don’t be fooled, RACISM is ALIVE in CT…

by CTalentTv on June 13, 2012

There are two forms of discrimination: Institutional discrimination and individual discrimination.  Institutional discrimination is the systematic practice of maintaining an unfair power structure like the one we have in America.  In a nutshell, institutional racism is white supremacy, the global ideology that whites should be in a position of power over all people of color.  After all everywhere whites have ever been they – and their values – are THE supreme authority on everything. On the other hand, anybody can be a victim or perpetrator of individual discrimination.  A white person can treat a black person like dirt, but a Black person can do the same thing to a white person, and after all these centuries of racism and suffering, many frustrated Black people are quick to do so when given the opportunity.  But individual discrimination perpetrated by a black person is not representative of a system of actual power.

Think about this:

A Black principle may run a school and think she’s the H.N.I.C. But if she mistreats a white student badly, that bigger system of institutional discrimination is going to come down on her head, and she’ll be replaced in no time.  A Black CEO can run a billion dollar company and think he’s superman.  But if he tries to only hire Black people, or – even worse – he starts giving money to black organizations like the nation of Islam, pretty soon he’s going to come under fire and his company will start losing all that “white” money that helped make him rich.  On the other hand, everything that white people do is reinforced by “the system”, except fighting on the side of Black people.

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