CT’s Prostitution Crisis…

by CTalentTv on June 17, 2011

This is a no-brainer to the residents of Connecticut period, in fact you might be shocked at what you’re about to read maybe disgusted too. If you aren’t up to date about this current situation, then this is something you want to pay close attention too. This may or may not affect you as an individual, but it may apply to someone close to you personally for example, FAMILY! Question: do you know where the most sexual exploitation occurs? Do you know who, what, when, where, and why this activity is taking place? Matter of fact do you know who might be running a “Commercial Sexual Exploitation Ring?”

“Somewhere in Connecticut, a young girl is being forced to have sexual encounterment with a stranger who paid to use her body!” These are the words of Gregory B. Hladky of the “Hartford Advocate”. “Connecticut’s participation in the allied horrors of human trafficking and America’s domestic prostitution industry”, was recently highlighted by a current “Vanity Affair” article and a newly published book coming out this fall called “The Berlin Turnpike”. This book is focusing on the 2007 trial of Hartford resident/area-pimp Dennis Paris. So question still stands, do you know where your SON/DAUGHTER is? Regardless of age, are you aware of thier whereabouts? This topic is frightful to even share, but this is valid information that all parents, step-parents, foster parents, guardian, or whatever the case may be.

Statistics according to the advocate and the U.S. Department of Justice….

  • 250,000 American kids ages 10-17 are involved each year in “Commercial Sexual Exploitation
  • One-Third of all street level prostitutes are under the age of 18 which is only half “off street” whom are legally aged
  • The average entry age into the sex trade is 12-14 for girls, and 11-13 for boys
  • Experts estimate the number of teens actively working as prostitutes range from 100,000 to 300,000

According to Teresa Younger chairperson of “Connecticut’s Trafficking in Person’s Council”, it’s not only an international issue, but it’s been here in the states for a long period of time. Connecticut is a prime location for the sex trade because of three interstate highways running through the state and its proximity to Boston and New York City. As a Connecticut born and breed, this topic has really affected me, not only as a person, but a parent too. My only concern is to keep watch of our youth and their whereabouts. Be active, show love, and most of all remain PRODUCTIVE!

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