CTalent.Tv Presents: Levy Gillespie Jr (2012 – 17U AAU Spring Mix Tape)

Capitol Prep is breeding Guards out in Hartford, CT. Geesh, whats in the water over there! Watch out for this kid….

danny la

Danny Lawhorn from Hartford Public HS Leads all JuCo Basketball Players in Assists…

Here is the list of the TOP 5 assist leaders in Div 1 JuCo sports.  Danny Lawhorn is putting in major work out there in Texas. Show this kid some respect….. Assist Leaders Stat Minimums: GP: 12.0 NEXT 25 RANK ATHLETE COLLEGE GP ASST ASST/GM...

cane broom

CTalent.Tv Sports: Current top 5 scorers in Boys HS Basketball through (4 games)

Cane Broome of East Hartford High Leads all guards in CT with 29.7 points per game (ppg) thus far. Lets keep an eye out for him to see if teams Box and 1 this kid. Here all the rest of the “Instant Offense” kids according...