High School Education seems to be a JOKE…..

Okay, so I don’t really care how this comes off, but um, F^%# HS!


CTalent.Tv is an advocate for EDUCATION, so here are a few reasons why you should go to college…

College doesn’t guarantee you a better life, but it can damn sure help. Here are 10 reasons to fill out that long-ass application:

kahlil d

To describe Capitol Prep Guard Kahlil Dukes in two-word: INSTANT OFFENSE!

Hartford’s own Kahlil Dukes out of Capitol Prep School is easily on of the states best scorers in years.  Some say he might rank with previous top scorers such as Delsean Jackson (Prince Tech), Will Solomon (East Hartford), Mike Williams (Weaver), Scott Burrell (Hamden) or even the late...