Daily Jewel on why being Bored in a GOOD thing…..

“Most people can’t handle boredom. That means they can’t stay on one thing until they get good at it. And they wonder why they’re unhappy.”


HS Football Ratings: 1 Xavier Vs. 2 Hand Showdown Set For Friday

                            Bloomfield moved into The Courant area ratings for the first time this season. Its No. 10 position occurred after a 31-0 win against Rockville-Vernon combined with a 20-8 loss by then...


Undrafted Rookie James Nixon (From New Haven, CT) Signed to Packers’ Practice Squad..

In a very Thompson-like move, the Packers signed someone no one expected (per the team’s official website): a big, fast, undrafted rookie from a small school by the name of James Nixon. Nixon is a 6’0″, 178-pound cornerback from California University of Pennsylvania, but started his career...