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Oh so your a Hustler huh? Well here are a few reasons to stay OUT “The Game”

1. The fall. The only thing worse than riding the bus everyday is going from driving a candy-painted Chevy on 26s to riding the bus every day. Just remember, it ain’t what you got, it’s what you get to keep. When you lose, you lose...

Link to Salute to a Fallen Soldier…One of CT’s Finest!

Salute to a Fallen Soldier…One of CT’s Finest!

Connecticut lost one of its basketball greats earlier this month when Timothy “TJ Buckets” Mathis after attending the birthday party of Ryan Gomes in New Haven. TJ was a Hamden High superstar and went on to play at Morgan State University where he earned a...

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Is CONNECTICUT suffering from the WILLIE LYNCH syndrome???

 If you’ve seen the movie Animal with Ving Rhames, you know a little about the Willie Lynch speech.  I don’t know if there was really such a man with such a plan, but I know that it’s true today.  If you haven’t, I suggest that you...