Link to Right Choices vs. Wrong Choices

Right Choices vs. Wrong Choices

 When was the last time you remember having a controversial conversation about SEX/DRUGS? When was it, with whom, why and what was the message you retrieved from it?

Link to Reputation —>> “Ayo Watch Ya Mouf”

Reputation —>> “Ayo Watch Ya Mouf”

We all know that they take a lifetime to create and a moment to destroy.  In a state as small as Connecticut, because everybody knows somebody who know somebody, drama the size of Texas can explode.  News spreads very fast and now that everyone and...

a jernigan

South Kent prep senior PG Anthony Jernigan’s road 2 success…

South Kent’s senior PG Anthony Jernigan comes from a rich family tradition of basketball.  There isn’t a place in CT that you can go where the last name Jernigan doesn’t ring bells in the world of basketball.