Undrafted Rookie James Nixon (From New Haven, CT) Signed to Packers’ Practice Squad..

In a very Thompson-like move, the Packers signed someone no one expected (per the team’s official website): a big, fast, undrafted rookie from a small school by the name of James Nixon. Nixon is a 6’0″, 178-pound cornerback from California University of Pennsylvania, but started his career...

drug bust

Oh so your a Hustler huh? Well here are a few reasons to stay OUT “The Game”

1. The fall. The only thing worse than riding the bus everyday is going from driving a candy-painted Chevy on 26s to riding the bus every day. Just remember, it ain’t what you got, it’s what you get to keep. When you lose, you lose...

keep me alive

Keep Me Alive (Official Music Video) – Bodayga Drizz featuring Trippz Michaud

Nice concept….#Salute #CTorDIE