What does it mean to talk…..WHITE?

Here’s a scenario and you tell me which person would you rather do business with.  Two people enter your office with their business proposals, hoping to get your money (investment). 


Don’t be fooled, RACISM is ALIVE in CT…

There are two forms of discrimination: Institutional discrimination and individual discrimination.  Institutional discrimination is the systematic practice of maintaining an unfair power structure like the one we have in America.  In a nutshell, institutional racism is white supremacy, the global ideology that whites should be...

Black Youth

Black people in CONNECTICUT need to WAKE UP!!!

People will judge everything you do based off what they already think of you when they first see you.  As a Black man, any ignorant act is going to be seen as “Black ignorance.” Any act of violence, even in self-defense, will be called “thuggery.”