What does it mean to talk…..WHITE?

by CTalentTv on July 27, 2012

Here’s a scenario and you tell me which person would you rather do business with.  Two people enter your office with their business proposals, hoping to get your money (investment). Joshua Jones comes in wearing a suit, but it looks like his pants are sagging for some reason.  His tie isn’t tied correctly, so it looks like an ugly knot.  He hands you his proposal, gives you “dap” because you’re black and he assumes you’re cool, and he says to you:

Okay, homeboy.  We got the connect from a dude overseas.  Straight drop. He got like fitty cases of fresh Ones waitin, just waitin, for me to say the word. He want thirty, Ima give him twenty-five tho – we gon let em go for sixty.  It aint gon cost but like fie extra each to set it up cause niggas want em.  Tell me I aint workin with something!

Next, Henry Henderson comes in with a simple suit, but it looks like it fits him well. And either he knows how to tie a tie, or somebody did it for him.  He shakes your hand limply, and you can tell he’s fresh from the suburbs. He begins:

According to market analysis, there’s a great deal of interest in the urban market for Nike Air Force Ones. I’ve found a wholesaler in China who’s willing to sell them to me at a significant discount of thirty dollars per pair.  If we factor in costs for marketing and distribution, we can sell them at sixty dollars retail for a profit of about twenty dollars per pair, which would give us a gross return on your investment of 15,000.

Who would you rather do business with? Most likely you’d trust Henderson with your money. Why? He’s obviously got some mastery of the language of business, the language of money, and he’s comfortable in that world.  BUUUUUT if you have a keen eye for business, and you could look past how he said what he said, then you’d know Joshua Jones had a better proposal. Do the math.  He would have made 20k instead of 15k Henderson promised.

By: Supreme

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