CTalent caught up with one of the FASTEST active players in D1 Football: James Nixon WR/DB/KR Temple University

by CTalentTv on August 17, 2011

Wuzzup Mr. Nixon, how does it feel training for your senior year for the Temple Owls? Ha, it feels great. It’s a weird feeling though, because although you kind of want the college part over, you really don’t. It’s still an experience but you also get the taste of your dream becoming a reality. 

I could remember a few years back you were winning track meets and setting records for Hyde Leadership School, now you’re a senior in college. What’s your mindset going into your senior year? Yea, the good ol’ days. LOL, but my mindset is no different from what it was my senior in high school. Come out and be me. Not worry about other people’s expectations and what people may think. Just do me and play my game. Of course the stage is a lot bigger because of the college spotlight.
Have you spoken to any former Owls who have successfully made the transition to the NFL. If so, what was their advice to you? Yes I have actually. Three of whom are all from CT actually. Terrance Knighton (Jags), Alex Joseph (49ners) and Brian Sanford ( Browns) among a few others but I figured I’d show the state love. But basically they all described their views of the league according to them individually and told me what can get me there and what can prevent me. But all in all it came down to dedication and drive.
Did you ever think you would be in this position growing up in the rough New Haven area? Rarely any one ever thinks it’s possible. You always have a dream or some fantasy but I never thought I’d be in this situation. I wasn’t even sure if I would make it to college in the first place let alone have a shot at doing what I love to do every day.
Coming from a relatively large household, what was the competition like inside the home with you and your brothers? Competition was CRAZY. Honestly I don’t know how my parents put up with it, let alone be able to tame us and our friends. I mean we’d compete over stupid stuff like who brushes their hair faster, who could aggravate moms the most and get away, or who clothes was more fly. Dumb stuff. But when it came to sports and meaningful competition, that’s something completely different. No one wants to be the weak link and to hear that EVERYDAY, ALL DAY by all your brothers and cousins and even parents, YES my parents will gladly rank on you.
We all know or have heard you’re a speed guy, but the people want to know, what is your 40yd dash time? (OFFICIALLY) LOL, well I’ve been rumored to run some pretty fast times but maybe I’ll just let you guys see it in action soon enough.
What was the feeling like when you scored your first collegiate touchdown? My first initial feeling and thought when I scored was “It better not be a flag on the ground.” Because I was always used to getting scores called back. But once it settled, and it was solidified, man you could see every one of my teeth. My folks even threw me a party. LOL
In your opinion, who was the BEST HS football player in CT that you’ve either seen or played against? See I come from a different generation and as biased as I could be and say that I believe my brother Brandon Mclean was probably one of the best WR’s I’ve personally seen but I would have to give it to Kenny Tinney. That guy was a pure athlete. Did it all, and was actually good in all the roles he played for his squad.
In your opinion, give us the TOP 5 or 10 HS football players from CT that you can remember being the BEST on the field.
No order at all, and remember I’m a young guy so my people are a lot different from previous interviews. Lol

Kenny Tinney

Brandon Mclean

Kory Sheets

Ryan Thomas

Jermelle Lewis

Asaph Schwapp

Tim Washington

Matt Lawrence

Aaron Hernandez
I’m sure you’ve had this conversation before so we want to know your opinion on this one: Based on what you have seen, which part of the state breeds the most athletic players (south vs. north)? Be honest, no BIASED OPINIONS. LoL The only problem is that a lot of us on the south side never got to play against the north. All the North gets all the glory but name wise north side has it. But the south side has plenty sleepers.
Thus far in your career which player gave you the most challenge at the collegiate level on the opposing team when you were playing WR? That is actually a hard question to answer more so based on our style of play.
How do you feel about switching from WR to DB toward the end of your collegiate career? Is it a difficult transition? I’m not mad at the move, just gives me a broader approach of what I can possibly do at the next level. But it was sudden and unexpected and of course not an easy flip as it probably would’ve been in high school. But I’m still adjusting and still learning with the transition every day.
On behalf of CTalent sports and the entire CT we thank you and we’re rooting for you as you enter your senior season at Temple …..Any words of wisdom for the kids who are growing up in the rough parts of the city that aspire to be in your position someday? Many goals are achievable; it boils down to how bad you want it. I was a guy who had no grades and luckily received offers my senior year in high school when I had brothers whose grades were on point and had offers the end of their sophomore years of high school. I had to go to prep school and take the S.A.T multiple times; I had to sit out a half of a semester. That was my story and look at me now. Just because it’s not looking good now doesn’t mean it won’t pan out in the future, the only time you truly fail is when you stop trying.

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