Elusive, Coachable, Athletic & fast are just a few ways to describe Tyler Murphy QB of Univ. of Florida (Wethersfield HS)

by CTalentTv on October 3, 2011

Tyler Murphy how does it feel to be a Gator post Tebow era? Do you feel any pressure to emulate some of the things he accomplished during his tenure as a Gator? I am very truly blessed to be a Gator.  Being a part of the Tim Tebow era does bring a lot of pressure, but I can’t let the pressure get the best of me.  I have to work hard and try to get better every day.  It is important to stay focus and do what is best for my team’s success. Coming out of Wethersfield High School were little is known about the football tradition, how difficult was it to get recognized by such powerhouse in Univ. of Florida? Coming from Wethersfield, I wouldn’t say it was very difficult to get reorganization.  Wethersfield might not be the most successful program, but it’s a very competitive program that went up against some of the best competition during my years there.

If you could compare your style of play, which QB would it resemble in the NFL? I not really sure who I would resemble in the NFL, but I try to mirror Tom Brady’s mechanics while being allusive like Michael Vick.

What was the most difficult transition for you entering Univ. of Florida? The most difficult transition for me while being at the University of Florida was just being away from my family every day.  My freshman year I became home sick often.  Football wise, the hardest thing was just learning the playbook and reading defenses.

Every QB has their strengths, in your opinion, what is your advantage at QB this early in your career? An Advantage I believe I have as a QB in my career right now, is throwing on the run.  Throwing on the run puts a lot of pressure on the defense because I show threat of passing and running, it’s up to the defense to pick their poison.

If you didn’t play Football, what other sport do you think you could have earned a scholarship? If I didn’t play football, I think I could have earned a scholarship to participate in track & field somewhere as a triple jumper.

CT players who become Gators have a pretty good rep with their on-field play, are you confident that you can keep the tradition going? I do believe I can keep the CT tradition going.  Connecticut has lots of talent and can hang with, if not, outperform many states across the country.

In your opinion, who was the best player you ever seen from CT? The best player I’ve ever seen play from CT Dwight Freeney.  He is a nightmare for offenses and we will one day be inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.

Name your top 5 players of all time from CT. It can be someone you watched play, or played w/against: I would say the player that has most impressed me from my team is Jordan Reed.  Jordan Reed is probably the most dynamic and athletic player on our team.  And it so happens to turn out that Jordan is from CT.

1.      Dwight Freeney
2.      Floyd Little
3.      Aaron Hernandez
4.      Jordan Reed
5.      Asaph Schwapp

Has anyone of your teammates been surprised with your ability, being that you come from CT and we aren’t respected as a sports region? There have been some of my teammates that were surprised of my talent being from CT. They were quick to learn that CT is a small state with plenty of talent.

We will be keeping track of you and those Gators as you guys try to bounce back from a disappointing season last year. Any words of advice for a young QB trying to be in your shoes one day? If I were to give advice to young QBs, I would say to be coachable.  There is so much to learn about playing the Quarterback position and you can know everything.  Other than that work hard and follow your heart.







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