CTalent.Tv Presents: Humble – Ice Cream Man

by CTalentTv on October 25, 2011

1st and 4most We respect the entire PaperBoyz camp to the fullest, but I must admit this song took us by surprise. Humble has a unique sound that is sorta like a gift and a curse. His raspy dark voice reminds me of someone like Prodigy (Mobb Deep), not that they have the same voice, but its uniqueness. That would be the gift in his voice, but the curse would be that songs with this beat and concept doesn’t necessarily scream Humble to us. All in all, we respect the diversity in this track and support Humble and the entire PaperBoyz camp.

4 Responses to “CTalent.Tv Presents: Humble – Ice Cream Man”

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  • Chris says:

    Yo on a serious note, I respect all dudes trying to do this music thing in CT, but this song is wack as hell. and the timing of it doesn’t make sense at all. His voice and lyrics are not going to make it. If people seriously think this is what is going to get the rest of the country to take us serious, then please give up on the dream.

  • Will says:

    @chris I respect your opionion in all but I actually like the record I think it was clever way of using a sample that appeals to all genders old and young. But I also understand not everyone will like the song base on there personal preference thats what makes us who we are as consumers. But honestly if I was to take your comments over the comments of Youtube viewers I say your beat 99.99% to your -0.01% and if the radio is playing it then obviusoly they see something in the song that you don’t.

  • MDot ASquad says:

    S/O to my dude Humble,, S/O to PB Dolla..

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