by CTalentTv on January 25, 2011

WORK HARD, EAT WELL, LOOK GREAT.  This is the motto over at PhenomGear.  These before and after pic’s represent the dedication one must have to obtain such progress. SO HERES THE DEAL..

Everyone wants to look good but no one wants to put in that work to look good.  Ladies how often do you look in the mirror and you are completely unsatisfied with the appearance of your body.  You must then ask yourself, how much effort do you really spend in the Gym or at home on some type of work out plan?  Furthermore, what are you eating and drinking?  Fellas this goes for you as well.  There is more to life in the gym than the BENCH PRESS.  Phenom Gear Company specializes in teaching men and women how to “GO HARD IN THE PAINT” in the comfort of their own home. My name is Trevor Ford and I was a “Meat Head” in the gym until PGC revolutionized my workouts.  Not only am I a personal trainer, but I am a product of our Brand.

The killer combination of Eating Healthy as well as Working out is similar to the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin. You can do great by doing just one of the two, however when you combine the efforts, the results that you will see will be well worth the hard work.

‎**Healthy Habit** Today or sometime in the next week, how about we dust off the “as seen on TV” exercise equipment that hasn’t been used in a while and actually use it.  Whatever equipment, DVD’s that you thought would get you to that perfect body, USE IT.  It was meant to be an investment and not an impulse buy.”

 By: Darin Williams “PRIME TIME”

Contact info – Phenom.trevor@gmail.com

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