CTalentTv Review – “WIDE OPEN” A ONE WOMAN STAGE PLAY… By Shireal Renee

by CTalentTv on February 8, 2011

As a member of CTalent staff, I had the pleasure of experiencing Shireal Renee magnificent performance in the “WIDE OPEN” play.  The play was equally balanced with joy and sorrow, internal failure and success.  Shireal demonstrated her diverse emotions as she screamed out the top of her lungs, and wept in the same breath.  

Each act drew the crowd in closer to her world from “Louder” to “Deliver me”, and “Cocaine” to “I’m feeling like a woman now”.  There was a scene that really hit close to home when Shireal was in such an emotional confused state that she practically begged her married partner to stay with her although he was a married man.  Shireal struggles could only be answered in one manner, through prayer.  Prayer is what appeared to deliver Shireal from her personal battles with self and placement in life.  In the end, Shireal exhibited suicidal like behaviors by taking pills to remove her pain, but to only realize that this type of action would result to her death.  The second Shireal died, she was born. God was truly her only answer, which in my opinion, was the most uplifting act of the play.  I believe we all must die in order to live.  When I say die, I’m not saying in the actually state of leaving this earth physically, but spiritually we must all submit our troubles and worries because to worry is a demonstration of lacked faith…..Peace

By: Seven X

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  • Brady says:

    Shireal Renee is a gifted and honest performer. The show was wonderful to say the least. Connecticut support Shireal…she is the next big artist from our state!!! So, If you missed the show go out and purchase her book, titled: “The Things Inside Me.”

    -Keep up the GREAT work Shireal-

    • Thank you so much for supporting the “Wide Open” movement! I can’t express how much it means that so many people are recieving the play so well. I appreciate your love and I am sending it right back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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