Reputation —>> “Ayo Watch Ya Mouf”

by CTalentTv on February 17, 2011

We all know that they take a lifetime to create and a moment to destroy.  In a state as small as Connecticut, because everybody knows somebody who know somebody, drama the size of Texas can explode.  News spreads very fast and now that everyone and their mother (literally) has a Facebook, there is no forgiveness.

Pages like, Windsor Slorehouse, Ctweak AssN*gga page, CTmass Jumps, and Hartford Jumps just encourage the madness by posting pictures of females and males and labeling them with whatever shameful names they can think of.  These are people children, brothers, sisters and cousins and you can imagine the anger they feel when they see their loved ones talked about like that.  Pages like these are worse than rumors.  Benjamin Franklin once said and I find to be true, “a slip of a foot you may soon get recover, but a slip of the tongue you may never get over.”

The words posted by users on social networking sites have been in the news for years.  It is not just a CT problem but a nationwide problem.  For a while it seemed like weekly you would hear about suicides because of online bullying and harassing.  The makers of the pages listed above don’t even have the understanding of the long term effects that it could have or the courage to reveal who they are.  Probably because if anyone knew who they were they would expose their business too.  CT is already working so hard to make a name for its self in so many other positive ways.  Let’s not become known for this.  Let build a good reputation for ourselves and for CT.

By: Devereux

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