Right Choices vs. Wrong Choices

by CTalentTv on February 18, 2011

 When was the last time you remember having a controversial conversation about SEX/DRUGS? When was it, with whom, why and what was the message you retrieved from it?

Today’s society has lacked in focus upon stressing the issue of SEX/DRUGS; the good, the bad, & the ugly.  I remember back in the days when parents would question their children about SEX/DRUGS and if their highly active or not, or shall I say the, “Curious Question Method”.  I remember health class stressing the issue that these factors can turn out to be a major health risk if not taken into consideration.  For example, all the various types of STD’s.  There are so many ways of contracting these diseases, people become mentally disabled trying to figure out (who, what, when, where, why, & how) the 5 W’s.  These diseases have dominated the African-American, Hispanic minority groups for the past three decades, and still this is an ongoing method.  Stereotypical….YES, Fact….Absolutely.

Whatever happened to BET’s TEEN SUMMIT?  Remember they used to come on Sunday mornings and attack the issues that affected inner city youths?  They used to go out and be a part of the community, get involved with activities for people to stand up and fight against.  The topics were on point and direct, everybody was involved and voiced their opinion.  What happened to those days where we weren’t afraid to express what was needed?  It seems today people don’t care if they interact in devious things and spread it silently like nothing occurred.

Today, our generation needs to stand back up and voice the ignorance and clear the air about what’s going on behind closed doors.  There’s too many of us dying from unprotected SEX or the use of poisonous DRUGS.  We need to teach the youth that there are better ways to live comfortably.  They don’t deserve what most have seen; in fact they’re still babies with promising futures.  Let’s put a stop to babies having babies, or being introduced to illegal substances that affects the inner spirit.  We need to stress the fact that EDUCATION is the ticket to accomplishing all of our goals.  Let’s go back to FAMILY cookouts in the local park.  We are still a community full of aspirations that CAN be attained.

“LOVE is LOVE given, not taken away un-notice due to the lack of tranquility”

By: Hollywood Willz

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