by CTalentTv on April 1, 2011

Okay, so I’ve generated some questions that I thought might be appealing to you or towards someone your “feeling” (interested in dating). Maybe I should be asking in third person but the hell with it. Some of you might be thinking the same thing, or attempted to question but couldn’t so I’ll ask you general questions that could apply to us all! This is just a general discussion. Don’t feel salty by it. We’re all grown dammit! If you can’t take it, well I suggest you grow the f%#k up! Period…

1. Ladies, I’m curious to know why is it that you feel sex is all a man want? When actually its y’all that provoke it most of the time. I mean you hold the key (P#ssy) to continuous evolution but say it’s us that just “want our cake and eat it too.” Could it be that we’re easily drawn to you and dont know how to act, or we’re so blind that we’ll engage in anything, or too dumb to realize the pleasure of obtaining a queen as beautiful as you all are? Or could it be that you want the same thing but discreet about it?

Question: After all of these factors pointed out, do men really lack the understanding of what it takes to please women, or are we as men just lost and careless about things? Could it be you? Honestly!

2. Ladies again, I was told that during your monthly visit you’re not to be f*#ked with. Meaning @ times you’re not to be taking advantage of. Hmmmm! So why do you seek attention if you choose not to be f*#ked with? Example: Your menstrual cycle has occurred and your cranky and cramping and all around b*tchy. What is it that we aren’t getting that really ticks you off? Are we around too much where as you’re tired of looking @ us or something? Now I know some of you can control yourself during this time and can easily brush things off, but nevertheless, you still remain in b*tchy mode.

Question: Why is it that when us men feel bad about your mood swings and try to console you, your still not satisfied with what we’re trying to do. Are we doing too much or not enough?

3. Fellaz, so we look @ life as a tournament. We enjoy every quarter until our objective is complete. I know some of us aren’t worth sh#t at times and this is true. I can admit that some of us or as a whole we are easily distracted. If it isn’t one thing it’s another. Our downfall is women alone. Every time we see a female we must know who she is, plus her friends, and so on. But if it was the other way around, we would lose our minds and start blasting the female or worst, end the relationship. But again that’s just us. Not intended to be rude but facts show it all.

Question: Are we really selfish to the point where it really hurts us in the long-run or is it our natural habitat that we act accordingly to our manhood?

4. Fellaz again, we feel @ times that our accomplishments aren’t praised as much as we do towards women. They may say we don’t, and its true but arguably we have feelings too right? We all aren’t about sports/sex all the time. Most of us actually have future goals that we want to achieve. Career wise, family wise, and possibly marriage. We too want what you want. But what women fail to realize is, “behind every strong man lies a stronger women”. We can’t function without you. But without us who are you?

Question: Are we really trying too hard, and our focus is too much on us? Or are we really missing the bigger picture and losing ourselves within the moment @ hand?

5. Both of us address good/bad things about each other. But I feel these points are left out of the equation. Our generation alone is falling apart. Yes, we still don’t understand the meaning of LOVE! We say it and hope it brings us together as ONE, but what is love if you don’t have it for yourself? Women want their man to embrace every emotion so they can understand us. But men try and feel it’s not enough for women. Men seem to do idiotic things but come to realization, and still can’t win. So I ask you this: what is the purpose of coming to this realization? Maybe we need to go back a generation or two and see what the confusion is. Or maybe it really is us as men need to step our game up!

By: Hollywood Willz

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